Rx: “The Turn of the Key”

Prescribed by: New York Times Bestselling Author, Ruth Ware

Prescribed for: Fans of Agatha Christie, Louise Penny, and Fiona Barton

Side Effects: Insomnia due to the inability to put this novel down.

Directions:  A fast paced, suspenseful tale involving a spooky house in a remote location, a poisonous garden, a young nanny, and a less than idyllic family with something sinister brewing just below their surface charm.

When Rowan Caine answers an ad for a nanny position in the Scottish Highlands, she throws everything she has into impressing the family and obtaining the job. Heatherbrae House is odd, part rambling old estate and part smart house, with cameras and control panels all around.  Undeterred, Rowan takes the nanny position only to be told that the parents must leave immediately and she is left in charge of children she barely knows and and a home she doesn’t understand.  Soon after, she begins hearing strange noises behind a locked door and the house seems to have a mind of its own.  The children are difficult, the housekeeper is abrasive, and her only friend seems to be the male property caretaker and handyman. Lack of sleep and constant vigilance fuel Rowan’s paranoia.  Is she going crazy, or is there something wrong with this house and its inhabitants? By the time she finally figures it out, she will be in prison, wrongfully charged with murder. Someone is indeed dead, but who is the murderer if it isn’t Rowan?

Special Instructions: Heatherbrae House is located in a cold, remote location in the Scottish Highlands, the perfect setting for a murder mystery.  Further set the mood with this spiked chai tea and while you’ve got the liquor cabinet open, grab the scotch whiskey for this delicious cake as well.


Spiked Chai Tea – The Cookie Rookie

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Scotch-Whiskey Cake – Catch My Party

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Refill: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781501188770

Julie Bond

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