Welcome to our first Book Rx! Each month, we prescribe a book selection to relax, entertain, enlighten or inspire you along with a tasty treat and beverage. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

Rx: “Mrs. Fletcher”

Prescribed by: Tom Perrotta

Prescribed for: Parents of kids who are grown and flown; any parent sending a child back to school this fall.

Active Ingredients: In “Mrs. Fletcher,” New York Times bestselling author, Tom Perrotta presents a hilarious, yet often cringe-worthy look at life in suburbia for a divorced, forty-something mother whose only son is headed off to college.

Side Effects: Sympathy, cringing, moments of embarrassment, eye rolling, and laughter. Will make you cling to your older kids….and give your younger ones a gentle nudge out the door.

Directions: Tom Perrotta’s novels are so much fun to read! He really delights in putting his characters under the microscope, allowing readers so see the good, the bad, and the ridiculousness of those characters’ behavior (and our own). This novel is about a woman rediscovering who she is when she is no longer defined as someone’s mother. It is also about her son who has been helicopter-parented his entire life, and is now on his own. Without his mother’s constant supervision, this young man is easily caught up in the excesses of college life, with the potential to become yet another collegiate stereotype. There are several points in the story where you will not be able to decide who you want to smack upside the head more, Eve Fletcher, or her narcissistic son, Brendan.

Special Instructions: Take with food and drink. Alcohol or caffeine recommended. Carbohydrates are required.

Refill: Order 1 copy here.

We recommend:

The Sex in the Driveway cocktail from Restless Chipotle which is perfect for the single, suburban mom.

















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A lavender-honey iced latte for the nondrinkers from Get Healthy U.

















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And be sure to take this with food. We like these 30 Minute Cinnamon Sugar Knots by i heart eating.

















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