Happy 4/20 to all of our Cannabis users out there. We thought we’d put together a little round-up that could make your day *extra* special. You can always use just CBD if you’re looking for more physical relief without the THC (ya know, the stuff that makes things extra funny?). So here are 6 recipes that we thought you’d love, starting with a main ingredient for most of these goods; cannabutter.

Cannabutter | Extra Crispy

This is really the starting block for so many recipes that it will come in handy to be able to make your own. You’ll be able to control potency and type (sativa, indica, or hybrid).


Caramels | Original Weed Recipes

As far as edibles go this is one of my most favorite ways to partake. Caramel can be very versatile not just in flavor but in use.



Weed Infused Peanut Butter | Weed Aficionado

Can you just imagine all the possible sandwiches, cookies, SNACKS that you can make with this?



Kushy Cocoa Kahlua Cupcakes | Cannabis Cheri

These beauties looked too good to pass up.



American Tex-Mex Herijuana Cinnamon Chili Recipe | The Ganja Kitchen Revolution (Shared by Buzzfeed)

Anybody up for a Pot-luck?
(see what I just did there?) You can make a big ‘ol batch and share the love.



Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies | Original Weed Recipes

We couldn’t have this round-up without a solid chocolate chip cookie recipe. Bake a bunch and bring them to your friends or keep them all for yourself, either way be careful of how much you consume. Don’t forget that you can always have more but you can’t have less.


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