This is kind of a play on a classic Italian Caprese, the one you usually see with big slices of red tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil. Here, our greens are the foundation: fresh garlic scapes and peppery arugula, quickly blended into a pesto. For cheese, we use a creamy burrata, torn open to showcase its oozy center. Top that with sweet cherry tomatoes and a shower of chives, and you’re looking at a hit of an appetizer that takes less than 10 minutes to make, from start to finish, and requires no cooking at all!

This will make a little more of the fresh pesto than you’ll need, but you can use the rest over a couple of days, stirred into pasta, spread onto your favorite sandwich, as a base for your avocado toast, or mixed into your salad dressing. If you’re not planning on using it within a couple days, pop it in the freezer.

You’ll Need:

2 garlic scapes
1/3 C sunflower seeds (or pepitas, walnuts, or pine nuts)
4 C arugula
½ C grated Parmesan
½ tsp salt
½ C extra virgin olive oil
1 lemon
½ pint (or a couple handfuls) of cherry tomatoes
2 balls of burrata
A couple of stalks of chives (and chive flowers, if you can find them)
Crusty baguette for serving

This recipe really does come together quickly, so if you’re planning on serving it right away, go ahead and let your burrata sit out while you get things ready. Wash your greens and tomatoes and have everything measured out. Cut any big cherry tomatoes in half. Cut your lemon in half. Mince the chives (but not the flowers!). Slice your bread.

OK, now we can start!

Chop your scapes into rough chunks, then add them to the bowl of a food processor and turn it on.

After 30 seconds, add your sunflower seeds and process for another 30 seconds.

Scrape down the bowl of the food processor and add your arugula, parmesan, salt, and the juice of the lemon. Blend for at least 60 seconds, then scrape the bowl again.

Blend an additional 30 seconds, drizzling in at least half of the olive oil as you blend it. I like the pesto thicker for this dish, but you can add a little more olive oil at a time to get the texture you desire.

Congratulations, you just made fresh pesto! Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not an amazing chef!

Spread about a cup of the pesto on a plate. Tear the burrata roughly with your hands, and add that on top of the pesto.  Scatter the tomatoes on top, then the chives. If you have leftover olive oil, drizzle that on top, too. Add a light dash of salt and you’re done with a beautiful, delicious, fresh app that sings of spring.

This app is best enjoyed in the company of friends, on the front porch, with a nice glass of rosé.

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