When it’s too hot to cook cheesecake, whip up these strawberry cheesecake pops to satisfy your cravings! Using Greek yogurt and low-fat buttermilk instead of cream cheese makes these pops 140 calories lighter, and a crunchy graham cracker and homemade strawberry jam swirl adds a decadent feel.

This recipe requires about 20 minutes of active time, plus up to an hour for the jam to cool before assembly and about 4 hours’ freezing time. You can shortcut it to about 5 minutes’ prep by using prepared jam if you can’t be bothered to turn on the stovetop.

You will need:

1 lb. strawberries (fresh or frozen)
½ C sugar
1 C lowfat buttermilk
1 C Greek Yogurt
1 t vanilla
½ t Diamond salt
3 graham crackers
2 T butter

First, take out a tablespoon of sugar from your ½ C and put it into a ziplock with the graham crackers. Set them aside.

Next, de-stem and quarter your strawberries. Add them to a saucepan with a touch over half the sugar  (about ¼ cup). If you are using fresh berries, add about ¼ cup of water (frozen berries have enough water inside of them that they shouldn’t need this).

Give the berries a slight mashing with a potato masher, fork, or wooden spoon. Set the heat to medium, give them a stir, and let them cook for 5-7 minutes.

Next, mix together in a small bowl the buttermilk, yogurt, salt, vanilla, and the rest of the sugar. Set it aside in the fridge.

Check the strawberries around five minutes by mashing them with a wooden spoon or potato masher. They should be getting soft enough to do so easily. Go ahead and mash all of them. If they’re not quite soft enough, let them cook a bit longer, then mash them up when they are softer.

Continue cooking the strawberries for another ten minutes or so, stirring occasionally and making sure the berries are all completely smooshed. Chunks will leave you with crunchy ice spots instead of a smooth berry swirl.

While the berries cook, smash your graham crackers into crumbs in the ziplock bag. Melt the butter for 20 seconds or so in the microwave, then add that to the bag of crumbs. Moosh well to incorporate it, then set aside the graham cracker bag.

The berries are done when it is thick and bubbly. When you pull a spatula along the bottom of the pan it should part like the Red Sea. (It will collapse back, but as long as you can see the bottom for a bit before it does, you are good.)

Let the strawberry jam cool for about 15 minutes, then put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to get it cooler. When the jam is no longer warm to the touch, you’re ready to assemble your pops!

Spoon in the yogurt, jam, and crumbs, alternating until you’ve filled the molds. These weren’t quite full to the top, so I added a bit more after the photo. It’s best if they’re JUST under the top of the mold, so they won’t freeze onto the lid.

Put the cover on the mold and place it in a level spot in your freezer. After one hour, pull the pops out and slide the popsicle sticks in, leaving about an inch and a half of the stick on the outside of the mold.

Freeze for another 3 hours.

To unmold the pops, run the mold under hot water for a few seconds, then pop them out. Wrap in plastic and freeze or eat them right away!

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