The only thing I really want to eat in the summer are things that are cool, refreshing, and delicious. This strawberry vinaigrette is equal parts juicy, tart, and summery, and it pairs well with many summer salads—but my favorite counterpoint is sweet watermelon.

Slice your watermelon, pour on this vinaigrette, and scatter with basil, then serve with fresh mozzarella for a very American take on a traditional caprese salad.

Or drizzle arugula, pea shoots, and watermelon with your bright pink vinaigrette, and add pepitas and shaved parmesan.

I would eat this vinaigrette on almost anything, up to and including ice cream. Not joking.

It’s incredibly seasonal, versatile, and tasty, and it takes 5 minutes to make IF YOU TAKE YOUR TIME. You can keep it in your fridge up to two weeks—thought it may not last that long. Also, as a note—don’t sub in balsamic vinegar here! It will make your beautiful pink vinaigrette a muddy grey color, and honestly, this one tastes (and looks) beautiful as is!

Welcome to this summer’s hottest hit.

You’ll need:

12 oz. fresh strawberries
½ lemon
2 T Champagne vinegar
1 T honey (less if your strawberries are very sweet)
2 T extra-virgin olive oil
½ t kosher salt

Stem the strawberries. I like to use a 1/4 teaspoon (or even 1/8) to take out a tiny divot near the top and grab the entire stem.

Juice the lemon into the blender, then measure all of the vinaigrette ingredients EXCEPT the olive oil into the blender cup, as well. Blend until uniformly smooth.

Taste it here: if it’s overly sweet, add a little more lemon. If it’s overly tart (you WANT it tart, but not so much that it tastes icky), adjust with honey. Then, when it’s perfect, and with the blender on high, drizzle the olive oil through the top opening, processing until the oil is fully incorporated.

Put it on everything, or on anything that needs a fresh, fruity, bright pick-me-up. Welcome to your favorite summer salad dressing.

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