Maybe it’s just the Pandemic (panda-emic?) Lifestyle, but I am more in love with pandas than ever before. Their roly-poly bodies, their insistence on doing exactly what they want to do, their love of playtime and ability snack all day is speaking to my soul.  Let’s roll around the internet and check out some of the best panda gifts out there:

Pandamonium Panda Polyhedral Dice Set, Etsy. Do I play D & D?    Did I absolutely have to purchase these as soon as I saw them? Yes.  Did my son who plays D & D immediately steal them like a little Hobbit to show them off to his group? Again, yes.

Panda Throw Pillows, Amazon. Pandas are adorably fluffy, just like these pillows. Scatter them all over the house to show people that you ALSO do what you want, with a little visual aid to help them remember.

Melissa & Doug Baby Panda Plush, Amazon. I guess this is supposed to be for children, but who is going to stop me from getting one and changing its diapers and giving it a pacie at bedtime? Nobody, that’s who.

Panda Duvet Cover Set, Wayfair. Napping with a bunch of pandas just seems like it should be a life goal.  Get one step closer with a soft and snuggly bedding set and dream of bamboo chews and rolling down grassy hillsides.

Panda Instant Pot Steam Release Diverter, Amazon. Your little panda friend will help direct the steam away from your kitchen cupboards when you’re finished cooking up the weeknight dinner that at least half of your family will decide doesn’t taste good, even though they loved it just last week. Fits most models and looks freaking adorable even while you’re rolling your eyes.

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