These festive cocktails are perfect for toasting at your holiday party or gathering and will add a special touch to any celebration. Cheers!

1. Let It Go Cocktail by Sweatpants & Coffee

From the website: “…as anyone who has a closet knows, it is impractical to go through life hanging on to everything. You run out of space in your head and your heart and your dresser drawers. You can’t think properly or find what you really need when you really need it. You are oppressed by clutter, both literal and figurative. I know this, and yet I am overwhelmed at the thought of saying goodbye to these cumbersome yet familiar burdens. I need incentive.

As it turns out, Disney show tunes and booze work pretty well for me, in terms of motivation. Thus was the Let It Go Cocktail born. Are you tired of that song? Bite me. Let go of your world-weary preconceptions and judgments and just enjoy. LET IT GOOOOOOOO …”

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2. White Christmas Mojito by KBStyled

From the website: “As you host your friends and family over the holidays, try making a fun new cocktail thats a bit unexpected but that’s a total crowd pleaser. A White Christmas Mojito is a great way to bring the holiday cheer…its so festive and really delicious!!! Not to mention, super simple to make…double or triple the recipe if serving a crowd!”

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3. Boozy Gingerbread Latte by Sweatpants & Coffee

From the website: “The truth is, I’ve been thinking about gingerbread since the first appearance of holiday season decorations on store shelves – which as we all know is the sign of the Retail Solstice. So, roughly since August. I’ve waited patiently for festive coffee confections to pop up on coffee shop menus, and I have been rewarded for my devotion. However, something has been lacking. And that something, friends, is booze. Fortunately, I am gifted with an inventive spirit, a substantial liquor cabinet, and a fine selection of coffees. After some experimentation, I declared success. I give you the Boozy Gingerbread Latte, featuring Domaine De Canton ginger liqueur.”

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4. Santa Claus-Mopolitan by Blue Ribbon Kitchen

From the website: “Santa Claus is coming to town…

He knows if you’ve been bad or good…

So be good for goodness sake… 
…and whip up a batch of these Santa Claus-Mopolitans…pronto…
for all your holiday guests!! 

 –Quickest way off the naughty list that I know!”

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5. Spiced Whiskey Punch by Sweatpants & Coffee

From the website: “‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and if you happen to be hosting one, this delicious punch is sure to be a hit with your guests. It’s tart and sweet, with a spicy ginger kick, and the rye whiskey gives it enough warmth to fill you with festive cheer. You can mix up a big batch of it ahead of time, too.”

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6. Eggnog Amaretto Cocktail by Snacks and Sips

From the website: “Add Eggnog Amaretto Cocktail to your holiday menu! With delicious flavors, you’ll love serving this drink during the Christmas season.”

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Hot Apple Cider Buttered Whiskey by Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch

From the website: “It’s by far my favorite cocktail to make at the moment, and is always a hit to serve at Thanksgiving! It’s based on our other favorite and super popular Hot Apple Cider Buttered Rum. You can’t go wrong with either of these. Really the only difference is I added some orange zest to compliment the whiskey.”

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7. Cranberry Cinnamon Ginger Fizz by Sweatpants & Coffee

From the website: “This festive cocktail will fill you with holiday cheer and brighten up any gathering. It also works well for cuddling on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and the remote because it’s sweet, spicy, and delicious, not unlike ourselves. Mix up a batch and treat yo’self, because we know you’ve been good this year. You deserve it.”

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