It is Friday.

We made it. This week has dragged and feels rough around the edges.

As we go into our weekend, the staffers at Sweatpants & Coffee wish you a long and restful weekend.


Jerusha Gray - Coffee Cup Selfie
Jerusha Gray, staff writer and graphics editor. Instagram: @palegrayink Facebook:

Jessica Grey - Coffee Cup Selfie

Jessica Grey, staff writer. Twitter: @JessicaGrey959

Kathy Kitzmiller - Coffee Cup Selfie

Kathy Kitzmiller, Creative Lifestyles Director. Twitter: @SPCKathy, Instagram: @KathySPC, Facebook:

Nanea Hoffman - Coffee Cup Selfie

Nanea Hoffman, Founder, Fearless Leader, EIC. Twitter: @SweatpantsCafe, Instagram: @Sweatpantsandcoffee, Facebook:

Salongo Wendland - Coffee Cup Selfie

Salongo Wendland, staff writer. Instagram: @punkrema

Teri Gosselin - Coffee Cup Selfie

Terri Gosselin, staff writer. Instagram: @Teri_SPC, Twitter: @Teri_SPC, Facebook:

Shandle - Coffee Cup Selfie

Shandle Blaha, Operations Director. Twitter: @Shandle_SPC, Instagram: @Shandle_SPC, Facebook:

Courtni KG - coffee cup selfie

Courtni, Community Manager. Instagram: @courtnieleven11,

Jessica - Coffee Cup Selfie

Jessica, our  Product Review & Giveaway Coordinator. IG: Jessica_SPC, Twitter: Jessica_SPC, Facebook: spcjessica


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