‘Tis the season for warm, comforting drinks. Whether you need cold and flu relief or just want to curl up with a delicious mug of goodness, these hot toddy recipes are just the thing.

Cold Remedy Hot Toddy by The Cookie Rookie

Nothing calms a sore throat like this cold remedy with ginger, honey, and whiskey.

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Spiced Chamomile Ginger Hot Toddy by Meg Is Well

Chamomile lends a soothing touch to this hot toddy.

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Coconut Chai Hot Toddy by Running to the Kitchen

This creamy, spicy drink with coconut milk and rum will warm you right up.

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Spiced Cinnamon Bourbon Hot Toddy by Minimalist Baker

Homemade simply syrup with a touch of maple is the secret to this spicy-sweet toddy.

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Turmeric Hot Toddy by Rachel & Alison | Adventures in Making

Lemon and honey soothe your throat while turmeric provides anti-inflammatory relief.

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Honey Sweetened Blueberry Hot Toddy by Foolproof Living

This delicious remedy is sweetened with honey and fresh blueberries.

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Caramel Coffee Toddy by Delightful E Made

Caramel and coffee in a toddy? Yes, please.

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