I’m not sure how I came to love Domaine De Canton – I think it was a zingy ingredient in a cocktail I had on one of those Girls Nights that involve lots of dishing, appetizers that are wayyyyyy off-diet, and a spirit of adventure when it comes to the drinks menu. You understand. The sweet-spicy ginger liqueur is now a staple in my home liquor cabinet. The weather is turning sunny, and that makes me yearn to sip something light and refreshing (and just alcoholic enough) while enjoying warm the warm breezes and blue skies. A backrub from a cabana boy would also not go amiss. I think you’ll find this Hard Ginger Sweet Tea cocktail absolutely delightful. (You’re on your own for backrubs.)

Hard Ginger Sweet Tea

  • 4 oz. sweet tea (iced tea that has been sweetened, clearly)
  • 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
  • 2 oz. Domaine De Canton

Combine all ingredients in a drink shaker and shake until well mixed. Serve over ice. Cheers!

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