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Cocktail Corner | Twist Your Spirits Smoke Y Margarita Cocktail

By Valerie Van Galder

The mere mention of the word margarita says party to us. It also says summer…beach fun…sun tans…chips and guacamole. Really, when you think about it, a margarita is just a plain old good time in a glass.

Our friends at Twist Your Spirits know how to make a mean margarita. This is hardly surprising, given that they are the minds behind the world’s coolest cocktail kits.

Each kit is created by a master mixologist, and they include everything you need to impress your friends with your cocktail skills. All you need is your own tequila. We hear George Clooney makes a fantastic tequila….

Since today is #ThirstyThursday wanted to tip you off on how to get in on the ground floor with Twist Your Spirits. They are doing an awesome kickstarter with incredible incentives. Pay them a visit, get yourself some cool cocktail gear, and help Twist Your Spirits continue to create the world’s most stylish, convenient and delicious cocktail kits.

They have shared their special margarita recipe with us and we of course could not wait to pass it along to you:

SMOKE Y MARGARITA COCKTAIL (all ingredients included in the Twist Your Spirits kit except Tequila)

1/4 ounce of Element Lemon Mint Shrub
1/4 ounce of Glossop’s Smoked Sugar Syrup
1.5 oz of Tequila
Fill glass with ice
Stir 25-30 times
Garnish with California Lemon Crisps









Valerie Van Galder is a knitter, a baker and a beagle lover, and is inordinately fond of planting tomato plants in her back yard. She also can be found answering messages on

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