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Here at Sweatpants & Coffee we pride ourselves in being up to date on the latest coffee trends and happenings in the coffee world. Here’s a roundup of the coffee news we’ve been reading this month.

The Good
The Truth About Coffee & Tea “The International Food Information Council Foundation reports that, “For the healthy adult population, moderate caffeine consumption of 300 mg per day is safe and can even have beneficial health implications as a part of a healthful diet and physically active lifestyle.” DRINK UP!

Starbucks has opened its first High-End Coffeehouse in Seattle.

Dr. Peter Martin, director of the Institute for Coffee Studies at Vanderbilt University says to drink as much coffee as you can! Read all about it here, and feel free to print this and take it to your next appointment.

The Bad
Coffee has a had a tumultuous past and has been the subject of bans. They don’t call them the dark ages for nothing.

Education & Information
Does the color of your mug have an effect on your coffee experience? Click here to find out!

Learn how to Bulletproof your coffee with this handy tutorial.

And how to Hack your Keurig

For the DIY crowd, check out how this blogger utilizes coffee filters.

Celebrity Mug Shot
And finally Kelly Clarkson hangs backstage with new daughter, River, coffee in hand!



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