My dear Sweatpants & Coffee tribe,

When I first heard about Nack, an app that lets you instantly gift a coffee to anyone in your phone contacts, I thought it was genius. What an easy, simple way to practice kindness! To me, the sharing of coffee with another human is a ritual of grace. I loved the idea that someone had made this act so accessible. I could literally send a coffee to any of my friends with just a few taps on my phone screen!

I’ve had the BEST time sending coffee to my fellow blanket fort dwellers, all from the comfort of my couch. I could let them know I was thinking of them, and even better, I might be casting ripples of coffee-fueled kindness that would continue to spread. How awesome is that? Well, I want you to find out, so here’s what we’re doing:

Tomorrow, Saturday 12/22/18, Sweatpants & Coffee and Nack are giving away 100 free coffees! (Offer good in U.S. & Canada)

All you need to do to qualify for a chance to win a free coffee (and be able to gift one to a friend) is download the free app here: before midnight tonight (12/21/18). The lucky coffee winners will be randomly selected from among those who download the app by the deadline.

How to Enter

    1. Download the Nack app


    , BEFORE midnight 12/21/18.

Log in to the app with your phone number, no emails or passwords required

    . This is necessary in order for us to be able to select you.
    That’s it. If you are chosen, you’ll get a notification with a link for a free coffee for you and one to pay forward!

It only takes a few seconds, and then you, too, will be able to gift coffee whenever you like!


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