Java Jive review

If you’re a fan of delicious coffee and equally delicious liquor, and if you enjoy experimenting with flavors, this Coffee Liqueur Making Kit might just be your new favorite thing. It’s definitely mine.

When Uncommon Goods offered us the chance to test it, my reaction was thus:

I Volunteer As Tribute

Because making coffee into booze would probably be the first thing I would want to do with my wizard powers if I ever got my letter from Hogwarts.

We’ve already mentioned that we’re big fans of Uncommon Goods and their business philosophy. And we especially dig that they find the coolest things we never even knew we wanted and put them in a curated marketplace. This kit comes from a company called Bootleg Botanicals, which right away appealed to me because it sounds like what you’d get if Severus Snape and Jack Sparrow had a startup.



$35 is midrange for a kit like this, with Williams Sonoma going as high as $54 for their infusion set. And you can buy refills for $15.


The kit came in a beautiful box and the items were well-wrapped. I enjoyed the old fashioned lettering on the labels.

Java Jive 1


Java Jive 2The kit contained a glass flask with a rubber stopper to contain the finished product (after you did your infusing), a cork-sealed vial (again, I totally felt like I was in Potions class!), a metal funnel, a filter, and an instruction sheet.

Each item felt like it was good quality and sturdy. I’d feel good giving this as a gift.


It’s fairly simple to use. You measure out your rum into a glass jar – they suggest a large mason jar but I had a big glass bottle I use for homemade dressing and that worked just fine. Add the spices and let it infuse for 48 to 54 hours, depending on the intensity of flavor you want. Vial contains a mixture of sugar, vanilla beans, coffee beans, and chipotle pepper. I know, right? I was excited.

They recommend that you taste your infusion periodically so that you know when you’ve reached the right level of flavor. For me, that was about 52 hours in. When you’re ready, you strain the liquid through the filter, pour it into your flask and ta-dah! You’re done. It smelled glorious and tasted just slightly sweet with a hint of heat. Because I’m a giver, I did a shot of my freshly infused liqueur and it was like a coffee-flavored kiss followed by a gentle slap in the face. I don’t even know what that means. Basically, it was good. Really good. If I were a nicer person, I’d give it to someone I loved as a wonderful present. (But let’s be real, I wasn’t going to give away anything that smelled and tasted that good. Mine!)


Perfect for the luxury/DIY fan in your life. Also great for lovers of coffee and specialty cocktails.

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