Ever sit down to sip a hot cup of coffee and daydream about traveling the world? Now you can add some realism to the experience by subscribing to Atlas Coffee Club.

Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription service that was founded to tell the story of coffee and culture from around the world, exploring a new country each month. “We wanted to essentially be coffee tour guides, telling the story and sharing unique offerings from Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and beyond, delivering an experience you can’t find on the shelves,” says Madeline Grenadier of Atlas. “We highlight coffee and culture from a new country each month, whereas other subscriptions share coffee from a different roaster. I think sharing coffee from different roasters is fun, but for us it washes over the most exciting part of coffee; the journey, the adventure, the diversity, and the culture from each country.”

The cultural diversity of the blends is what makes Atlas Coffee Club unique. Not only will you experience roasted to order freshness with each bag, you will experience the uniqueness of the country each bag is from. “With more than 50+ countries producing coffee, we designed Atlas Coffee Club to explore the world’s best, taking our subscribers straight to the source,” says Grenadier. “From Brazil to Ethiopia, Peru to Burundi, we highlight what makes each country unique in both taste and culture. We do this through our coffee bag designs (which feature patterns inspired by local textiles and landscapes), a postcard from each country, and a country card that shares coffee history, brewing recommendations, and notes.” In addition to the global knowledge they receive, customers can feel good about how their coffee is produced: sustainably. “Sustainability isn’t a buzz word, caffeine is. Sustainability to us means paying premium prices to ensure premium coffee development. With the proper resources our farmers can afford the ability to utilize holistic and best in class farming practices, producing quality coffee year over year.”

The education doesn’t stop there. Atlas Coffee Club supports their customers to ensure that they get the most out of their coffee experience. “We’ve designed a new set of How to Make Coffee Brew Guides with adventure inspired brewing illustrations,” says Grenadier, adding, “We also have a growing coffee culture blog and community for more tips on how to brew coffee, fun facts, coffee science, coffee shop guides, and interviews!” And how are customers responding? “Folks are finding out how unique coffee can be from country to country!” says Grenadier. “A lot of customers say they’ve stopped putting cream and sugar in their coffee now that they’ve been able to enjoy fresh, premium, single origin coffee that boasts flavor notes like blueberry, chocolate, honey, red apple, almond, peanut butter and more.”

Atlas Coffee

Atlas sent us their Brazil Mantiqueira de Minas coffee, with a flavor profile featuring coconut, chocolate and vanilla. The lighter roast blend brewed beautifully in both my espresso machine and automatic drip machine, with a heady aroma and clear flavors. It was fun to look at the postcard that accompanied the bag and to read the coffee history, growing region information, and notes while I sipped. If you’re a coffee aficionado who loves to learn about other cultures through your cup, you will love Atlas Coffee Club.

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