By Jessica Hancock

When William Evans started Coffee Gator just about a year ago, he knew exactly what he wanted it to be. “I am a massive coffee geek. I mean, I am a total nerd. I would probably go as far as to say that about 70% of my life happiness comes from coffee, so it’s not surprising I’ve ended up running a coffee accessories brand.” He started with pour-over coffee.


Evans felt that people were missing out. “We know that coffee is a massive, massive industry. All you need to do is take a look at how many people pass through your average Starbuck’s to see how popular it is. Yet, I don’t think that coffee-making at home has quite caught up. My feeling has always been that people don’t realize they can make better coffee at home.” So, he put together some core products for would-be home brewers: a kettle, a canister, a scoop, and a pour over coffee pot. The products are aesthetically pleasing and well made. Once you’ve registered your Coffee Gator products, you are automatically added to the VIP Club. From there, you can receive offers to try out free product samples in exchange for product feedback.

“We are totally dedicated to providing awesome customer service for every single person who buys. If you look through some of our reviews on I think we have started well, but I still think there’s more we can do to make every single Gator experience the kind that customers want to tell their friends about,” says Evans. Coffee Gator has a customer-friendly blog with tips and tricks.This came in handy for me the first time I used the system.

Coffee Gator plans to expand sales to Europe and to add to their growing product line in the near future.

The Review:

I’ve never done my own pour-over coffee before, so this was something new to me and honestly, I thought I was going to screw it up. I was about 95% positive. I went onto the Coffee Gator Blog to get started with the “Beginners guide to pour over coffee.” It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought, and with these products, it was a breeze.

The coffee genuinely tasted different than coffee made using an automatic coffee pot. Even though it looked a little lighter in the mug, like it was going to be watery, the flavors were much richer. I was pleasantly shocked. I also noticed a marked difference in the finish. Just smooth as a baby’s butt. No bitterness at all. Like, the bitterness was completely non-existent, which was also a nice surprise. I’d always thought that had strictly to do with bean freshness, but obviously, it does not. So, between the fresh grounds and the smooth pour over method, I think I may be a pour over convert. Maybe not every day, because poring hot water whilst my XL-sized dog and two small kids run around is not ideal, but who knows? Maybe I’ll just lock them out of the kitchen, because coffee this good would start my day with warm, rich happiness in a cup.

The Canister and Scoop:


I really like this canister. It’s made of stainless steel with a flip-lock top and vacuum seal. It has a wide mouth which makes it really easy to store grounds or beans. Initially, I was storing the beans in it and then grinding and scooping accordingly. Then, I realized that because of the stay-fresh seal and the  release valve, I could just grind all my beans and store the grounds in there for easy scooping. Seriously, it was a little embarrassing that it took me a week to think of that. There’s even an expiration date tracker on the lid, so you can set when the coffee is about on it’s way out. I don’t know what kind of people use this, but apparently people throw out coffee because they’ve had it too long. I don’t even know what that means. This was actually the only part I had a difficult time with. Setting the day is easy enough, but I found that I had to have the lid open to be able to squeeze the month dial a little bit so it would turn easier. The scoop is also stainless steel. It’s easy to clean and has a really solid handle and cup, so it never feels like it might bend.

The Kettle:


At first, I was a little skeptical of the kettle. It’s really light, and the design is almost pyramid-shaped. But the built-in thermometer that’s marked with the Goldilocks heat zone made heating up the water to the right temperature very easy. It DOES NOT whistle, though. It sort of makes a small bubbling sound of steam being pushed through the top. So, when you use it, you need to be able to watch the thermometer or you might heat the water too high. Then, you’ll have to wait until it comes back down to use the pour over.

The Pour Over Coffee Pot:

Pour Over Pot

The pour over coffee pot is smaller than I expected. It has markers up to 3 cups, but I was able to fit the whole pot into one large cup (for science). The carafe is glass and is dishwasher safe. The shape makes it really easy to pour your brew and the rubber grip really keeps the heat under control so you can actually pour it right after making the coffee. The other thing is that you don’t need to buy filters. The carafe is fitted with a stainless steel filter that can be used over and over again. Just dump the filter and rinse. Simple as that.

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