By Jessica Hancock


Yeti Fur Coffee started from the simple dream of a husband and wife who wanted to spend their days working side by side. Katie Evans and Adam Massie (said husband and wife) came up with the name from their love of puns. If you say it just right, Yeti Fur Coffee sounds a lot like ready for coffee? See? It’s punny. From there they went with the basics; research, lawyer, training.

Knowing that they were going to begin by selling online, they looked for a roasting company that would be able to take orders and ship directly to their customers. It was also imperative to Katie and Adam that they find the right farms.

“It was important to us that our roaster gets their coffee fair trade and from distressed coffee farmers,” Katie shared. “Those are the small farmers who do not produce enough for the large coffee buyers. We love supporting the smaller farms and believe that we receive a superior quality bean because of the love that the farmers put into each crop.”

For their soap and candle products, the pair chose to source locally, selecting a family-owned business called Kuhdoo Soap Co. to produce their coffee soap bar as well as their coffee candle. At Kuhdoo, everything is made in small batches in their family’s micro-factory by hand.

The two are still developing, as a company and as a couple. The dream plan is just as simple as the business plan, but I think Katie said it best: “The dream is to open a brick and mortar and be a community gathering place full of good humor and cheer. We’d like to expand more into the coffee market with a variety of options including cold brew as well as increase our goods offerings (especially more Yeti related giftware items). We believe in 4 Hs for Yeti Fur Coffee: Humor, happiness, health, and honesty.” That sounds a whole lot like something a lot of people look for in a happy life. Maybe we should all adopt the “4 H” lifestyle.

Product Review


The Coffee

I had a chance to try their Brazilian Medium Roast Coffee. First things first–how cute is that little guy on the bag? He is the most adorable, most well-caffeinated Yeti I know. OK, this roast is supposed to be good for espresso, so I tried it in my pour-over brewer to get the full flavor. It has a very rich, dark roasted flavor. It’s a bold coffee, in my opinion. You can very much taste the notes of vanilla and chocolate with the slightest bit of acidity from the berry flavor. There’s a slight bitterness that is characteristic of quality espresso beans. I added a little sugar and cream and then could taste the chocolate and almond notes.

The price was an average $12.99 for a 10-ounce bag of either whole or ground beans. You also have the choice of light, medium, or dark roast and Brazillian, Bolivian, or Costa Rican Tarrazu. And the little Yeti Mug is only $6!

The Soap

The Coffee Scrub Soap is supposed to be magic for taking out the smell of onion or garlic from your hands while cooking. I tend to cook with a lot of both ingredients so testing it out in my kitchen was very simple. The first thing you are going to notice is that the soap bar is ribbed, and you can see the coffee grounds in it. The smell reminds me of a mocha, with this light scent of chocolate and vanilla. It’s not at all overwhelming and doesn’t smell like that after you rinse your hands. The ribbed bar and grounds really help to get a good foam going and scrub off any little pieces of garlic that may have gotten stuck to your arm (that you didn’t even see until you went to clean yourself up). It washes clean off. No residue, no standing under the tap to get that slightly oily feeling off, nothing. The scent is simply a “clean” scent, not all mocha-y. You can even use it as a body scrub and for $7, it’s a steal.

Katie and Adam were generous enough to do a Bundle Giveaway of all the products I got to test out! Check out the entry below.

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