It’s hard, some mornings, to be a decent, understanding person before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. In fact, scratch that. Some mornings, it’s like I’ve forgotten how to person, at least until I have had some sweet, sweet nectar of the coffee bean.

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And that, friends, is why you’ll love Kao Jai coffee. It’s delicious coffee that makes you a better person every time you buy some. Not only are you getting your caffeine fix, you’re making the world a better place! One dollar from every bag of Kao Jai (which is Thai for “to understand”) goes to the Kao Jai fund. Say founders Kyle Ducharme and Megan Armstrong: “As part of our commitment to help people better understand one another, we created The Kao Jai Fund. We believe that helping someone financially can give them an experience and a new perspective that money can’t buy. For every bag of coffee sold, $1 will be used to help people better understand others by funding service trips and projects that directly impact communities across the United States.”

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So, how about that? All you’ve done is wake up and have a cup of joe, and you’re already a force for good. Ah, but is the coffee any good? I’m so glad you asked.

The answer is decidedly yes. It’s a medium roast with a smooth chocolate-caramel aftertaste and slight tones of citrus. If you drink your coffee black, you won’t be disappointed with the flavor. I ground the roasted beans and then brewed it with my single serving coffee maker (I like expediency). I like my coffee like I like my men – sweet and strong, and the Kao Jai was delicious that way. I also had it the way it is often served in Southeast Asia – iced, with a healthy dollop of condensed milk. Also: delicious. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, folks.

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As tasty as this coffee is, I think my favorite part about it is Kao Jai’s origin story. From their website: “Kao Jai Coffee (pronounced cow j+eye) is a specialty, single-origin coffee harvested on a single farm in the mountains of northern Thailand. Our unique, specialty coffee beans have been carefully grown, harvested, and processed in the Chiang Rai province near the Myanmar/Laos border. Our story began in late 2013 when two co-founders were teaching at a boarding school in the city of Chiang Rai and were given the opportunity to harvest coffee alongside farmers in a nearby village. Being able to see the community, work with the farmers, and understand the process inspired the founders to find a way to better connect coffee farmers in Thailand with coffee lovers like you.”

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There’s something especially wonderful about finding a product that makes you feel good, inside and out, and this coffee does exactly that.

You can buy Kao Jai coffee here. Go get some!

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