Saying Goodbye to Ellen

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and people are celebrating in the streets, except for poor Kevin, who is building a casket for Ellen. Kevin wants Ellen to be buried with Maggie, but the priest isn’t having it. Since Ellen committed a mortal sin, she won’t be allowed burial in consecrated ground. The priest suggests a compromise – cremate Ellen and spread her ashes on Maggie’s grave. But they would have to sneak and do it in the middle of the night, because the Church is against cremation, too.

At Ellen’s wake, Eva sets a basket on Kevin’s doorstep and starts to walk away when Kevin comes out and sees her. Eva confesses to Kevin that she may have inadvertently given Ellen the impression Kevin was the father of the child she’s carrying. Apparently, it can’t be his, because “the timing is all off”. So, it is Donovan’s? Kevin isn’t upset at her, noting they all could have said or done things differently and it doesn’t matter much now.

Annie shows up at the wake and tells Kevin she has found a nice family to live with on a farm in New Jersey. She told the family her name was Annie Corcoran and that her father was a NYC detective. She thanks him for never giving up on her. I wonder if she’s telling the truth, because, well, it’s Annie. Lying is kind of her thing.

Maguire shows up at Kevin’s house to say goodbye to Ellen after everyone else has left. He tells Kevin that he really loved Ellen “maybe not as much as you, maybe in a different way”. He also tells Kevin he loves him too and will kill or die for him any day of the week. Kevin’s not sure he’s ready to make up and be BFF’s again, but he doesn’t make him leave, either. Maguire goes with Kevin to burn the casket.

Saying Goodbye to Kennedy

Robert is insistent about going to Kennedy’s hanging. Elizabeth, who appears to have forgotten to put on part of her shirt, doesn’t understand why he’s so determined to be there. Closure, maybe?

Kennedy sets a fire in his cell, and when the guard comes in, Kennedy stabs him and escapes. Where the hell did he get a knife?

Robert and Elizabeth attend Ellen’s wake. Later, during the carriage ride back to their house, Robert opens up to Elizabeth about what the war did to him and why he takes opium. They part ways – Robert is going to observe the preparations for Kennedy’s execution and Elizabeth is going to enjoy being alone in the house as the staff are all at the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Elizabeth goes in the house and pours herself a drink with an opium top-off.  Robert learns about Kennedy’s escape and rushes home. Or rather, he tries to rush home but is slowed by the parade, so he gets out of his carriage and runs. He’s right to hurry, because guess where Kennedy is? In their house, of course.

Kennedy attempts to rape Elizabeth, and she does a pretty good job of fighting him off despite the opium she just took. After he threatens to kill her, she decides her best bet is to pretend to go along with him. She tells him she will run away with him, but they have to leave before the servants get back. Robert returns home to see Elizabeth and Kennedy searching the house for money. Robert tells Elizabeth to be a good wife and pour them both a drink. She pours the little bit of opium she has left into Kennedy’s drink. Robert is able to overpower Kennedy and hits him in the head with his own gun. They return Kennedy to the authorities.

For some reason, Robert goes up to stand on the gallows, and makes Elizabeth come up there with him. Creepy. Later that evening, Kennedy is led up to the gallows. His last words are that he’s not sorry and he’s happy to die being loyal to the Confederacy. And good riddance to that whole storyline.

Donovan Smokes His Competition

Donovan is blackmailing someone on the Board of Aldermans to urge the Board to approve his contract for the aqueduct. However, Donovan sees their relationship as more of a collaboration than blackmail since he generously provides the Alderman with prostitutes for free. The Alderman is against a new aqueduct in general because the current setup provides enough water for two million people. Spoiler alert random Alderman, you are going to need more water than that sooner than you think.

Norbert Morehouse later meets with Donovan and notes how convenient it is that the most vocal opponent of Donovan getting the aqueduct contract was found strangled. Ah, so Kevin is right – there was a whole lot more to that case. And why am I not surprised that Norbert and Donovan are in business together? Norbert thinks the only way Donovan is going to get the contract is if Lansing withdraws his bid.

Speaking of Lansing withdrawing his bid, Maguire dowses Lansing with lamp oil and threatens to set him on fire if he doesn’t sign a piece of paper. Maguire’s pretty bad ass, unless he’s dealing with a kitty cat.

Dr. Freeman Brockovich

Dr. Freeman traces the source of the water that is contaminating the well in the tenements and making the residents sick. The source is a pond that was a dumping spot for a tannery, a cattle ranch, and other businesses.

Dr. Freeman visits Captain Sullivan to request that some of his young, healthy patrolman donate blood to the residents who are sick. Captain Sullivan refuses because it’s not right to “mix races”. Seriously? Dr. Freeman reminds him how he risked his own life to get Captain Sullivan out of the precinct when it was under the control of the Druid Gang. Sullivan reluctantly agrees to send a few men down to the tenement.

At first, the blood transfusions seem to be working, and the patients appear to be getting stronger. But then many of them stop breathing and die. The families blame Dr. Freeman, and he blames himself.

Next week on Copper:

Donovan wants Maguire to arrange for Teresa Tremblay (mistress of the murdered Alderman) to be hidden, Dr. Freeman requests Robert Morehouse’s assistance in publicizing his findings about the contaminated water, and someone is introducing Elizabeth to some better dope.

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