Free At Last

Captain Sullivan is not a fan of Kevin spending his nights sleeping at the precinct, and tells him to go home to his wife. Ellen spends most of the episode morosely wandering the streets. Actually let me warn you right now that pretty much this entire episode is a downer. Before you read any further, you should probably go make yourself a drink and take an antidepressant or something.

Kevin, Maguire, and O’Brien are back at Teresa’s apartment because Kevin is not convinced the case is solved. Maguire is still afraid of the kitty cat who is watching them disdainfully, as cats do. Another female neighbor who lived there for 16 years has disappeared too. Maguire notes that her apartment is “empty as a woman’s promises”. Aww. Poor Maguire.

Back at the precinct, Mrs. Magrath asks for Kevin’s assistance dealing with her pervy landlord, Mr. Hannigan. She can handle the landlord, but she’s worried about her son, Michael, getting into trouble trying to protect her.

Kevin tells Donovan about the missing neighbor and Donovan tells him to just drop it already. Donovan suggests sending the building inspector to mess with the landlord which I think is a big improvement over their usual tactic of just beating people.

Kevin visits Michael at work to give him some advice about handling Hannigan: mainly, beat his ass but don’t shoot him because murder will get you hanged.

Kevin later meets with the building inspector at Eva’s bar, while Ellen watches through the window. She turns away when she sees Kevin and Eva getting their flirt on. Kevin once again seems oblivious to the fact that Eva has a bun in the oven. Kevin visits Mrs. Magrath again so they can watch the building inspector mess with Hannigan. Kevin and Mrs. Magrath are most definitely getting their flirt on.

Ellen stops by to see Dr. Freeman and ends up having a heart to heart with Sara and Hattie. She’s afraid of being alone and raising a child by herself. Hattie and Sara encourage her to go to Kevin and tell him about the baby.

Sara later talks with Matthew about Ellen’s pregnancy and the fact that Ellen hasn’t told Kevin yet. She wants to help, but Matthew tells her to mind her own business. He must not know his wife very well, because she immediately leaves to see Kevin. When Kevin learns Ellen is pregnant, his first reaction is to punch Maguire. Maguire insists he can’t be the father, and Kevin leaves to confront Ellen. Dang, he seems really sure that the baby isn’t his.

He walks in his front door, to the sight of Ellen hanging from one of the rafters. Damn.

Donovan vs. Lansing

Donovan asks for Eva’s assistance in getting rid of his competition for the aquaduct contract. She asks what’s in it for her and learns the competition is a man named Lansing, who tried to shut down one of her establishments last year. So she’s totally on board now.

Eva is talking with Lola about the plan for Lansing when Lola asks if she’s feeling the baby kick yet, and says that she would have “gone in for a cleaning”. Eva considered it but changed her mind. When Lola wonders if she even knows who the father is, Eva reminds her that as the madam, she gets to choose who she sleeps with.

Lola drugs Lansing’s drink and when he passes out, they bring in a photographer and a naked guy. They misjudged the dose, so Lansing wakes up before any incriminating pictures can be taken.  He runs away naked to the amusement of everyone except Eva.

Eva tells Donovan that they messed up the Lansing blackmail and he responds with some story about pissing in a pimp’s hat. Okay. He says he fears he’s been neglecting her, bends her over the desk and they have The Sex. I wonder how long this has been going on? Is there a chance the baby she’s carrying is Donovan’s?

Donovan tells Maguire that Lansing is turning out to be a bigger problem than they thought. He wants Maguire to follow Lansing and report on everything he does. He reminds Maguire that lost evidence from murder trials can always be found. Maguire seems none too happy to realize he’s Donovan’s bitch for the foreseeable future.

This and That

·       Dr. Freeman visits an apartment building full of sick people, where he gets to deal with a condescending, uppity white doctor who insults him, and the African-American father of one of the children he’s treating, who also insults him, accusing Dr. Freeman of acting like the white man’s mule.

·       Elizabeth snitches to Robert’s daddy about their financial problems. Norbert’s solution to the financial mess is to invest in fraudulent railroad bonds. Robert refuses, but Norbert does it anyway behind his back. Robert confronts Norbert, Norbert tells Robert his mom was a drunk who never wanted him, and shit gets real. Robert chokes his father, and Norbert pulls out a gun and points it at Robert’s head. Just as it’s looking like the show is going to be down one Morehouse, Elizabeth runs in and breaks up the fight.

Copper returns in two weeks.

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