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Could You BE Any More Obsessed? 15 Signs You’re Obsessed With Friends

1. You fall asleep to it every night; the theme song is your lullaby.

Friends #1
Source: Tumblr

2. You’ve found mistakes in the stories’ plots from season to season, like how they changed the apartment numbers from 4 & 5 to 19 & 20. Or how Ross had three different birthdays; October 18th, March and December. And we never know for sure how old they actually are.

Friends 2
Source: Tumblr

3. You’ve calculated how many people each friend has slept with and while it was no surprise Joey won with 51.5, you were shocked Phoebe came in second with 32.5. (Per the study, 1 = confirmed partner, and .5 = possible/alluded to partner.)

Friends 3Source: Imgur

4. You reference or quote it every day, watching to see if people know. But you don’t ever tell them that you know, that they know that you know.

Friends 4
Source: Tumblr

5. You’ve scoured eBay for your very own Hugsy or yellow picture frame to hang on your purple painted door.

Friends 5
Source: Tumblr

6. Your significant other is your lobster, and you shamelessly walk around holding claws.

Friends 6
Source: Natalie Kay-Es-El

7. You’ve used the names Regina Phalange or Ken Adams as an alias.

Friends 7
Source: Tumblr

8. You’ve managed to picked up a date using Joey’s patented “How you doin’?”

Friends 8
Source: Tumblr

9. You know all the answers to the trivia game played in season 4 and even ordered your TV Guide to come to Miss. Chanandler Bong.

Friends 9
Source: Tumblr

10. You cry every time you watch Ross & Rachel break up, Phoebe have the triplets, Monica & Chandler get engaged and when Rachel gets off the plane.

Friends 10
Source: Tiny Pic

11. You’ve learned to play Smelly Cat and have found yourself singing it in public.

Friends 11
Source: Tumblr

12. Despite it being on TV several times a day you still bought the DVDs of each season and then the box set spending hours watching all the extras and expanded episodes.

Friends 12
Source: Buzzfeed

13. You understand the importance of Unagi and order it every time you go for sushi.

Friends 13
Source: Tumblr

14. You have deep involved conversations with other Friends obsessed friends analyzing their life choices and parallels to your own lives.

Friends 14
Source: Tumblr

15. They still make you laugh, no matter how many times you’ve watched.

Friends 15
Source: Tumblr

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4 Comments on Could You BE Any More Obsessed? 15 Signs You’re Obsessed With Friends

  1. ohhh… can I add one… 🙂

    Your 2 year old is able to name the show after hearing only the first couple of words of the theme song…. my nephew… true story… My sister pretty much watched friends and nothing but friends for a few years there apparently.

    Also… Hi Shandle… YAY for your first feature….. 😀

    • Thanks Kylie! Sounds like your nephew is learning the important things in life! <3

      • Yes… I think so… His Dad got hold of him and he is a 10 year old Star Wars obsessed kid now… much to my sister’s dislike… she is still yet to see even the original movies even though she lives with three males who love them…

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