By Jessica Hancock

With camping season in full swing, there’s nothing better than having a few easy meal ideas that your friends and family will love. Check out our top 10 camping recipes to make your trip a little bit easier.

Campurritos (Breakfast Burritos) | Ninth and Bird
Make ahead breakfast burritos are a great option for a quick and easy meal for any time of the day. Bonus: They last for a couple days as long as you keep them cold and dry in the ice chest.

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Omelet in a Bag | Favorite Family Recipes
The best part about this is that everyone gets to make their omelet the way they like and you all get to eat together!

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Taco Salad in a Bag | My Litter
This is a quick and easy snack or lunch. Prep the meat and toppings ahead and it’s a grab and go!

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Campfire Chili Cheese Fries | The Kitchen Magpie
A warm, chili cheesy goodness that you can share with the whole family.

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Manwich Sloppy Joes | Manwich
Sloppy Joes are our family’s go to first night dinner. Easy to make while you’re trying to settle into camp for the night.

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Campfire Pizza Roll | Apple Creek Campground Submission Leah B.
When the pizza can’t come to you, you bring the pizza. This can also be made ahead so you can kick back and relax.

pizza log
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Cajun Foil Packets | Favorite Family Recipes
It’s like a crab feed in a packet. Tons of flavor after a day in the woods.
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Southwest Chicken Foil Packets | Everyday Dishes
Just because you’re in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Adjust the spice accordingly.
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Campfire Cones | Hip 2 Save
While the kids are winding down, have them fill up a cone with their favorite mixings, then throw them on the grill for s’mores on the go.
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Gourmet S’mores | Cooking Classy
When you’re not feeling like the run of the mill s’more, check out these amazing ideas for a more decadent s’more.
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