One of the things I’d like to do more (or at all, if I’m being honest) in 2015 is send more letters. There’s something wonderful about checking the mailbox and seeing an envelope from a friend. The problem for me is that my handwriting is just terrible. Once I learned to express myself clearly in written form, I stopped caring about niceties. So, my penmanship hasn’t improved much since the 1st grade. I want to send thoughtful snail mail to my beloveds, but I also want it to be legible and not look like an office memo. Thus, I’ve gathered some of my favorite free handwriting fonts to share with you. These will also work really well for scrapbooking or paper craft projects.

Free Handwriting Fonts for projects and snail mail

  1. Jellyka – Bee’s Antique Handwriting
  2. Cheddar Jack
  3. Mathilde
  4. KG Eyes Wide Open
  5. Another Shabby
  6. The Only Exception
  7. JustWriteDT
  8. Never Let Go
  9. Alpha Mack
  10. Olympic Branding
  11. La Compagnie Des Hombres
  12. DK Downward Fall
  13. Plakkaat


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