Gah, I hate suit shopping. It’s always awkward right? You grab your choices, head to the dressing room and take a big long breath before torturing yourself under those damn florescent lights. No matter your size or self confidence level, swimsuit shopping is a real bitch. I have decided to only shop online for my suits. I would rather have a home experience than face those lights again. I have pulled 12 of my favorite suits from ModCloth for the season, suits for every body, no matter what kind of body you have.

Have a Great Daytona Swimsuit (Tankini) – $57.99

I love everything about this suit; the colors scream summer and the cut is gorgeous.


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Beach Blanket Bingo (One Piece) in Red – $89.99

This suit is so classic and chic. Definitely a throwback. You will feel like Lucille Ball at the beach in this one.


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Beach Blanket Bingo (Two Piece) in Black – $89.99

Maybe two piece is more your style? Try this version of the Beach Blanket Bingo. In either suit, you are winning!


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Bathing Beauty (One Piece) in Navy – $89.99

Another beautiful throwback suit and this side ruching will help you embrace all of your curves.


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Chillin’ in Chile (One Piece) – $122.99

Don’t let that price scare you away. I have one ModCloth suit already and you guys–it’s the tits. I feel amazing in it and the quality is fantastic. This suit–you need it in your life.


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Water You Waiting For? (One Piece) – $94.99

Get a close look at this suit! Look at those adorable little koi fish!


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Working Tidal (One Piece) – $76.99

Lets all take a minute and soak in the beauty of this color. How pretty would you look basking in the sun by the pool?


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Waterfront Row Center (One Piece) – $86.99

This suit is what beach wave dreams are made of.


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Beachy As ABC (Two Piece) – $53.98

This suit brings you one step closer to #mermaidlife


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Be Pacific (One Piece) – $72.99

Love the Beachy As ABC, but want more coverage? Be Pacific is where its at!


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Sunbeam Me Up (Two Piece) – $61.99

Bold geometric patterns are all the rage this season and this suit totally delivers.


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Coupe Of Tea (One Piece) – $62.99

Ready for my pick of the season? I love this suit; it reminds me of Olive Oyl from Popeye.


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