I was always enjoyed being the bartender in college. I had a roommate who made very, very strong, very cheap punches. They weren’t tasty, but they got you drunk. So when I got to play mixologist, I always tried to make the tastiest drinks possible. If they managed to be super strong in the process? Even better! For National Margarita Day, I’ve set aside some margarita recipes I’ve been itching to mix.

Margarita Sangria | Completely Delicious

A white wine citrus sangria complete with tequila, a salt rim, and a surprise herb!

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Sparkling Champagne Lemonade Margaritas | Marla Meridith

Sometimes, you need something a bit more bubbly and fresh, but you still want that margarita kick. Look no further than this concoction that screams spring (did we mention it uses pink lemonade?!)

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Blood Orange Margaritas | Edible Perspective

Y’all, I can’t even handle the color of this. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It would be perfect for Thanksgiving, or a fall wedding, or Christmas, or a Tuesday…it’s beautiful, and it sounds absolutely delicious.

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Sour Green Apple Jalapeño Margaritas | Heather Christo

Okay, you’re bored with margaritas. I get it. You need something more adventurous! Something unexpected! Something like jalapeños and Granny Smith apple juice?! So basically, you need this.

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Clementine Margaritas | The Cookie Rookie

Smiles, halos, clementines – whatever you call these glorious small, sweet fruits of happiness, they are perfectly suited for a sweeter, balanced margarita. Like a brunch margarita! Move over, mimosas.

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Creamy Margarita Popsicles | Host The Toast

MARGARITA. POPSICLES. Y’all, I am so down for this. Some of our staff swear by this recipe as a crowd pleaser and host pleaser!

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Triple Berry Margaritas | Life As A Strawberry

I love, love, loooove berries. They’re  good for you and taste so dang delicious. You can honestly use your imagination with this one! This uses strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, but I’m already dreaming of one with cherries, raspberries, and blackberries. Mmmm…

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Frozen Watermelon Margaritas | Living Locurto

As soon as watermelon is in season, I put it in EVERYTHING. While it isn’t near it’s peak yet, this is a recipe worth checking out. Keep it handy when you see watermelons this summer!

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Meyer Lemon Margaritas | Freutcake

Meyer lemons are actually a hybrid between oranges and lemons that have an almost floral flavor. I’m dying to try this recipe with half bergamot, another floral citrus popular in Italy.

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Virgin Margarita | The Pinning Mama

Not everyone can imbibe in alcohol, but everyone can celebrate Margarita Day thanks to this mocktail. It’s also a good option for a breather between boozy beverages!

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Charlotte Smith is an esthetician licensed in Tennessee and Georgia. She’s married to a lumberjack version of Deadpool, is obsessed with huskies, is straight up in quarter-life crisis mode, and loves pretty much anything that could be considered creepy.

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