Trail mix is like the catch-all, use-all snack for pretty much any occasion. Whether we were camping or at a soccer game or during a holiday party, trail mix was always present. Everyone always had a handful and sometimes by the end of the night you were afraid to have a handful because everyone had already had one. But Trail Mix was always there to share the events, no matter how you make it. So for National Trail Mix Day I wanted to share a few out of the box recipes to try. #NationalTrailMixDay


1.       Easy Ranch Snack Mix | Life With the Crust Cut Off

I don’t think I’ve met a ranch flavored snack I haven’t liked. And this was is as simple as they come.


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2.       Mango Curry Snack Mix | Eating Bird Food

Mango and Curry make all the sense to me. A little bit of sweet, a little bit of spicy and a whole lot of character.

mango curry trail mix1

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3.       Bourbon Bacon Trail Mix | Buzzfeed

Do we really need to say more than Bourbon and Bacon? I think not.

Bourbon Bacon Trail Mix

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4.       Caramel Churro Chex Mix | Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

I think of this like a Churro that never gets soggy. Plus, this would be a hit with the little humans in your life.

churro trail mix1

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5.       Sweet & Spicy Asian Snack Mix | Life Made Simple

This could become addicting very quickly. Between the heat from the wasabi almonds and the sweetness from the honey, this could be our next obsession.


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6.       Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix | In Katrina’s Kitchen

Why this was not something I ventured to try before, I have no answer. But chocolate and cherries are like a match made in snack heaven.


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7.       The Best Trail Mix Ever | The House of the Smiths

This reminds me of the trail mix we’d eat during Christmas every year. Only the stuff we liked and it was gone in a heartbeat.

The Best Trail Mix EVER1

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8.       Better than Sex Chex Mix | Chex

I mean, I can’t guarantee that it is. But it looks pretty damn delicious.


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