As it turns out we DO use the internet, so we are, in fact, familiar with that other usage of the term. But in order to avoid the deluge of helpful comments pointing us toward Urban Dictionary, we thought we’d clear some things up.

When we say Netflix and chill, we actually intend to watch copious amounts of streaming entertainment while relaxing in unrestrictive clothing and enjoying delicious foods. If sexy times ensue, that’s a bonus. This is the Sweatpants & Coffee way. #comfortrules

“Who has time for code phrases? If I want couch sex, it’s included in the invitation. Dear Husband, please meet me in the living room later for a Parenthood marathon followed by intimate relations. Bring popcorn and wine.” ~ Nanea

“And lube.” ~ Julia

“If I’m forcing Greg to sit through a marathon of Gilmore Girls again, he’s earned couch sex.” ~ Shandle

“Netflix and chill isn’t sly or a new trend, it’s smart multi-tasking. We have been doing it for years. We just call it sex. I mean who has time to get into the bed anymore? I just made that damn thing, and I don’t have the time or energy to wash the sheets again this week!” ~Kathy

“But really, how many of you haven’t ended up sexing during a good old Netflix binge? I call it Sunday wind down, obvi. ” ~Jessica

“Us married folk don’t need excuses and code words to get down. We take our Netflix and our chilling seriously in this house. Also, get off my lawn!” ~Emily

Now that we’ve cleared that up…

January is a boring month. You are totally over the holiday movies and shows, and your regular shows are all on extended holiday break. It can be a real slow month for TV. You know what January is a great for? Binge watching. I am currently elbow deep in three shows and getting ready to start a new one this week with my husband. #noshame

For Netflix & Chill this month, I have pulled together a stellar list of shows perfect for binge watching, as well as a fabulous snack trio and a cocktail.

Making A Murder | 1 Season

This show has been taking over my newsfeed the last few weeks. I am starting this week, so I don’t have any personal commentary, I can just tell you that my very diverse group of friends are all enjoying this one. Added bonus to this show? There are articles with theories, new information and accusations that you can read after you have watched the series.


Garfunkel & Oats | 1 Season

A female comedy duo is singing their way through dating in their twenties that will make you laugh out loud. A great light show to pair up with a massive binge to cool you off a bit.


Master Of None | 1 Season

I was surprised by this show. I loved Aziz Ansari on Parks and Rec, but I had never seen him in a lead role. He kills it. It’s a witty tale of Dev exposing what it’s like to be a thirtysomething out in the dating world. Real life situations, nothing over the top and it had my husband and I both laughing so hard we were crying.


Sons of Anarchy | 7 Seasons

For my hardcore binge watcher. Whether you watched it the first time around of it’s your fourth time rewatching, the story lines will blow you away.


The Fall | 2 Seasons

Need a Gillian Anderson fix before X-Files comes out? Catch her in this dark detective drama set in Belfast.


To have a fantastic binge session, you have to have snacks. Snacks that will last through the third time Netflix asks you if you are still watching Making a Murder.

Popcorn is great, but you know what I love?


I just tried hummus, maybe a year or two ago. I have been hooked ever since. You can get it in a variety of flavors, although where I am you can only get three flavors on the regular. I began to tweak my original pre-made hummus with different tasty ingredients making new flavors that don’t break the bank or take up too much time.

This month I want to share with you my Trio of Hummus.


Three delicious flavors you can serve together or alone. Perfect for Netflix & Chill or your next event!

Black Bean

What you need:
1 container of original flavored hummus
1 can(drained) of black beans
2 TBS Olive Oil
½ TSP Cumin
½ a lime(juiced)
2 TBS Cilantro
Kosher Salt to taste
Fresco Cheese to crumble over top *optional*
Served with Sea Salt Pita Chips


What to do:

Place black beans, cumin, lime, cilantro and olive oil in processor and blend. Add in hummus. Blend smooth, add salt to taste. Serve with fresco cheese over top (optional) and with chips.


Lemon Garlic

What you need:
1 container of original flavored hummus
3 TBS of lemon juice
2 TBS Olive Oil + 1TBS
2 TBS Garlic Minced
Kosher Salt to taste
3 Basil leaves + 1 for garnish
Feta Cheese to crumble over top
Served with sliced rye toast


What to do:
Put olive oil(1tbs) and basil in a processor and blend. Place hummus, lemon, olive oil and garlic in a processor and give a quick blend. Add salt to taste. Top with Feta and serve with sliced toast.


Creamy Buffalo

What you need:
1 container of original flavored hummus
2-3 TBS of wing sauce(heat level of your choice)
½ a lemon(juiced)
1 TBS Garlic
2 TBS Olive Oil
Kosher Salt to taste
Cheese of choice to crumble over top
Served with veggies


Blend hummus, wing sauce, lemon, olive oil, and garlic in processor. Add salt to taste. Serve with cheese over top and veggies.


Make a big batch of one or serve all three together, either way you won’t be disappointed.

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Mandarin Orange White Wine Cooler

Mandarin Orange White Wine Cooler recipe

  • 1 bottle of your favorite Riesling or fruity white wine. Moscato would work, too.
  • 1 can of mandarin oranges in light syrup or water, 11 oz.
  • ½ cup Grand Marnier
  • 1 bottle of seltzer water, 12 oz.
  • 2 tbsp. agave syrup
  • Strawberries for garnish (or whatever fruit you have that you think would go well)

Combine mandarin oranges, Grand Marnier, and agave syrup and let sit in your fridge for a couple of hours. When it’s ready, dump the orange mixture into a pitcher with your wine and fruit. Chill some more or just serve over ice. Enjoy!


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