If you’re anything like me, then up until two years ago you had no idea there was a Seasonal Palette for fashion. No idea. Once I found that out, my whole world made sense. It’s the reason why when you go shopping you see the same colors in almost every store. Fashion trickles down and usually by the time you reach your local Target, what is left from the over the top runway looks is wearable pieces in the palette of the season.

This year’s Pantone 2016 Fall/Winter Palette is filled with the perfect colors of Fall. From muted browns and reds to lush green and gold you can totally work these colors into your everyday life.


Let’s start from the top shall we? Let’s take a look at the two blue tones from the palette – a personal favorite of mine.

Pantone 2016 Fall Winter Riverside and Airy Blue


The gray and the red on this palette are both more muted, so put down the bright fire engine red and pick up a deep muted cranberry instead.
Pantone 2016 Fall Winter Sharkskin and Aurora Red



Next up is the beautiful red/mauve and latte colors. Both extremely wearable.

Pantone 2016 Fall Winter Warm Taupe and Dusty Cedar


These next two colors are a couple of my favorites and serious contenders for the season’s best in my opinion. The go perfectly with the colors of the season and while the mustard may scare most, it usually looks good on just about everyone.
Pantone 2016 Fall Winter Lush Meadow and Spicy Mustard


For the final two colors on the palette, you could say opposites attract. This rusty red-orange color is another personal favorite of mine.
Pantone 2016 Fall Winter Potter's Clay and Bodacious


No matter what colors draw your eye from the palette, you can be sure you will look fabulous this season!

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