They are really pushing parents to the edge with these lunch requirements. You have to have a certain amount of this or that, from this category and that. It can be really frustrating. No fear, we have gathered 7 amazing and EASY packed lunch ideas!

Bento Style Box Lunches | Belly Full

Belly Full has an entire menu’s worth of lunch ideas. Here are my three favorites:

Greek Pasta Salad, PB & J, and Ham and Cheese Kabobs

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Chicken Taco Bento Box | The Exhausted Mom

My kids would eat this every single day if I let them. So fun, easy and delicious.


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Pizza Roll Ups | I Pack Lunch

It’s pizza, enough said.


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Meat Roll Ups | Wendolonia
How delicious and pretty does this look? I can’t decide if I want to meal or the containers more.


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Giddy Up Pasta | Marla Meridith

This pasta looks amazing. I think I just want to be selfish and make it for myself!


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Pinwheel Pasta | Meet The Dubiens

Cold pasta is totally underrated, my kids love it and its a great make ahead!


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Fiesta Chop Salad | Family Fresh Meals

I love that this one can be a family meal and then you can pack it for kids’ lunches!


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