With the holidays right around the corner my energy levels are plummeting. This time of the year always wipes me out between decorating, coordinating, and celebrating sleep always feels like a long lost buddy. But I’ve found a few things that always help me catch a few z’s between all the goings-on and they make some pretty awesome gifts too.


1.       Alaska Bear Sleep Mask $7.99

Something I’ve learned with the sleep struggle is if my eye can open for any reason, even in pitch black, they will. So I’ve actually been using this sleep mask for a while and I love it. It’s soft, light weight and helps to keep the peepers from peepin’.


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2.       Sherpa and Fleece Throw from Land’s End $39.00

A super comfy blanket is an absolute must. How can one be expected to sleep with a crappy blanket?


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3.       Trader Joe’s Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea $11.99 for 20 bags

I know, I know. Before you even say it, yes, there is some caffeine in black tea. But this tea is always really soothing for me. The vanilla and cinnamon taste like comfort.


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4.       S&C Love Mug

 Look at this little beauty! Obviously you cannot enjoy that tea without proper stoneware. These mugs are sturdy and keep the heat in the cup and off your hands. 


5.       Salt and Peppermint Bark Scrub Bar from Lush $9.95

A hot shower always does the trick. The peppermint in this bar is both soothing and cooling. Nothing clears my senses like steam and mint.



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6.       Nite Nite Munki Munki PJ’s at Target $29.99

Proper sleep attire can either make or break the whole getting cozy thing. I love these PJ’s by Munki Munki. 100% cotton, 100% comfort. And they come in all sorts of patterns and sizes.


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7.       Bed Buddy Hot/Cold Therapy Pack $9.99

This is like my special sleep weapon. Especially as the temperature drops these hot/cold packs always do the trick. A little bit of lavender, a little bit of heat, and a whole lot of relaxation.


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Sleep well, friends.


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