By Jordan Rosenfeld and Rebecca Lawton


“Once constructed, a thought radiates out like starlight, affecting everything in its path.” —Lynne McTaggart (author of The Field: The Search for the Secret Force of the Universe)

Welcome to the first installment of the Creativity Break, Sweatpants & Coffee’s new inspiration column. Based on the re‑release of the popular guide Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life by authors Rebecca Lawton and Jordan Rosenfeld, the book and column connect the power of writing with creativity and attracting the lives we want. Becca and Jordan are kicking off their twice-monthly column with an encouragement for readers to set an annual intention.

Spring, with its new, green growth, is just the time to renew plans for change.

Ripple in a River

Perhaps you intend to create an office for yourself, or start that novel, or carve out an hour of space in your day to be silent. Between now and April 1, we encourage you to focus on this intention (unless you’ve already achieved your first big wish for the year, in which case—bravo! Go ahead and set a new one.)

So, here are the steps for the next two weeks:

  1. Write your intention at the top of a fresh sheet of paper (we like to use a fresh page in our writer’s notebooks to start a new intention: I intend to write a book, or I intend to apply for a Master’s Degree, or I intend to start my own business. Jot the steps that you have taken this year so far to realize this intention. Take no more than a minute for this writing; do it without judging yourself for what you have or haven’t achieved so far.
  1. What steps remain that you have not yet taken, but that you’d still like to take? Write them down now. Of these remaining steps, which one are you most likely to do first? When will you do it? You now have a plan of action.
  1. Now, take five minutes to free write about how achieving your intention will have positive benefits on you and your life. How will you be/feel/think or do things differently once your intention is achieved? What good will come of you achieving your intention? How will you feel better as a result?
  1. Finally, we want you to write about how realizing your intention could have a positive effect on other people—possibly even all people. Consider that each of us is like a stone thrown into a river and that the ripples of our actions affect others. Free write for five to ten minutes (or more if you like) about how you can affect your fellow humans for the better simply be fulfilling one of your own creative desires.
  1. Now spend at least sixty seconds meditating on how good this feels.

Then go and do something fun, nurturing, and kind for yourself. We’ll revisit our intentions in the next column! Until next time, be free.


Jordan Rosenfeld and Rebecca Lawton are co-authors of Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life and many other books and articles.



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