Two of the things we love most at S&C? Having a great cup of coffee and sharing a smile. The folks at Cura Coffee agree. So much so, in fact, that they have figured out how to turn a delicious bag of our favorite beans into sustainable, accessible dental care for remote communities around the world.

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Cura Coffee’s mission began in Nicaragua, where nearly 70% of the population lives on less than $2 per day and they have limited access to health care. Fourteen years ago, a small group of students and dentists from Loma Linda, California traveled there to provide dental care to the children at a small school in a remote town outside the capital city of Managua. As they treated the children’s decayed and infected teeth, the locals told them that the overwhelming majority of people suffered from dental pain. Farmers in rural areas, some of whom grow the beans that make our mornings complete, bear an unequal share of this health burden. As the medical team listened to their stories, their vision of providing long term care to these people in need began to grow.

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The biggest obstacle impeding their medical vision? Funding. The team knew that they wanted to establish sustainable dental clinics and expand their reach to other communities. After providing dental care to Tierra Nueva Union of Cooperatives, a community of 650 coffee growing families in a remote town of Boaco in the hills east of Managua, San Diego dentist Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick began developing the vision for Cura Coffee Company. Cura teamed up with Tierra Nueva Coop to sell their high quality, organic coffee in the United States, providing the income necessary to fund the clinics. Everyone who enjoys a cup of Cura Coffee helps to improve the lives of individuals with little or no access to dental health care.

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Buying Cura Coffee isn’t just good for the soul—it’s great for the taste buds, too. My husband and I, both avid coffee drinkers, were able to sample some of Cura’s medium roast and enjoyed every drop. When you open the bag, the rich, deep aroma envelopes you—we both agreed that Cura’s is some of the best coffee we have ever smelled. Fortunately, the taste follows through. We ground the beans fresh and brewed them at the standard auto-drip strength, one scoop per cup of water, which I thought was perfect (my husband preferred a brew of one and a half scoops per cup of water because he likes his coffee strong.) The blend had a full flavor and no bitterness or off-putting acidity. It held up well to cream, which is how I prefer my cup, and was also delicious black. If you prefer your coffee iced, the beans made a satisfying cold brew, the perfect answer to the sluggish, muggy days of a New England summer.

Source: Cura Coffee

Cura Coffee believes in connection. They connect growers to customers, families to doctors, customers to products they can enjoy and believe in. They are “direct-trade coffee with direct impact”, improving the mornings of coffee lovers everywhere as they improve the lives of those in need. Give them a try. I think you’ll find their coffee invigorating, and not just because of the caffeine.

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