It’s no secret what HUGE Death Wish fans we are. Not just for their ridiculously strong coffee, but for their knack of coming up with the most badass mug designs around. With All Hallows Eve fast approaching they’ve chosen a local legend that’s sure to make your skin tingle.

Behold. The Sleepy Hollow Tankard Set. Set. Yes, I said SET.


Let’s start with this wickedly awesome, wide-mouthed tankard that depicts the Headless Horseman in all of his fiendish glory, flaming jack-o-lantern and all! Gargantuan in size, it’s the perfect pumpkin orange with a glaze that looks like a toasted marshmallow on top. You’re going to want to flaunt the crap out of this. The detailing is so intricate that you can make out the multiple skulls on the horseman, the shading in the moon, and the subtle differences in the headstones.

DSC_0119 - Copy

And lest we forget the second piece to this set, you also get the ghoulish portrayal of Ichabod Crane on a SHOT GLASS espresso cup. (Do with this as you will; we don’t judge here.) I’d call it a double. A smooth black finish with a matte, bone colored stamp that ensures you don’t miss one detail of this gem. With the variation in shade and definition on the coat that allows the light to illuminate the etching, every detail looks like it has been carved in bone.

DSC_0109 - Copy

They go on sale tomorrow, October 8th! So, set your calendars, phone reminders, and leave yourself a post-it! These babies will be off the shelves before you can say, “Double, double, toil and trouble…”

Also, if you’d like to help Death Wish Coffee win a Super Bowl commercial spot, vote here! You can vote once a day, so bookmark it.


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