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DIY Coffee Scrub recipe

A few weeks ago, I really wanted to buy a coffee scrub. My poor winter skin is sandpaper dry, and all the lotion in the world is not helping. The sticker shock I suffered while browsing the scrub isle had me searching my cabinets for the right combination of ingredients.

DIY Coffee Scrub ingredients

After a few trial runs, I landed on the most delicious smelling coffee scrub recipe. It takes less than five minutes to make, and this recipe has lasted me two uses with a little more than half still left over.

DIY Coffee Scrub instructions

A few helpful hints:

– Heat your scrub in the microwave for no more than fifteen seconds before your shower. This will help soften the coconut oil.
– Trust me when I tell you a little goes a LONG way.
– Don’t scrub too hard. This a an exfoliant scrub, so massage it gently.
– Limit use to one or two times a week.

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  1. I’ve used this for several months now and it really helps my psoriasis. I use as a whole body scrub. Works really well on the feet too.

  2. How much of each ingredient must you use to make the scrub? My email

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