It’s National Dog Appreciation Day, and no one appreciates their furry friends more than we do! Here’s a glimpse at a few of our very own staff doggies. We won’t be held responsible if you spend the rest of the day asking yourself who’s a good boy.

Charlotte Fraser – Writer & Contributor

This is Liesl! She’s an American Eskimo Spitz, otherwise known as an Eskie, which is a cousin of the Pomeranian and an offshoot breed of the German Spitz. She’ll be turning 10 this September. Her hobbies are holding her paw up to say “please”, being the floofiest puppy in the world, and nap time snuggles. Her favorite things are watermelon, finishing glasses of milk, and being called Princess Fluffybutt. She also gives hugs to people she likes.


Emily Parker – Web Developer, Writer & Contributor

Meet Stella and Charlie, AKA Chuckles, AKA Mr. Chips, AKA Señor Chips. They are both pugs. Stella we’ve had since she was a pup and she turned 9 in June. Charlie is our rescue boy we’ve had since 2012, so we’re not sure how old he is. His vet thinks he is around 6, but he was formerly neglected, so he may be younger than that. Their favorite things are peeing on my flowers, keeping me awake with their snoring, being adorable, dragging their bottoms on the carpet, eating treats, and barking at Poncho, the evil poodle next door.



Rachel Drummond – Writer & Contributor

This is Quigley! Quigley is an Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. He was rescued from the shelter, and is just a big 90-pound baby.



Leslie Mahady – Writer & Contributor

Here’s a shot of Whiskee!  She’s a licker. She’s the cutest, smartest, most playful dog in the world! Whenever anyone in the family is sick, she is right by their side, licking them. We try to be better people for her, but we always fall short. And she lets us know it.


Kathy Kitzmiller – Creative Lifestyles Director, Writer & Contributor

This is Walter. He was named after Walter from Fringe. He is a 2-year old beagle / border collie mix., and he fully believes he is a cat. He sleeps on the backs of couches, the sides of chairs – if he fits he sits.


Jessica Grey – Writer & Contributor

The little old man with the legendary underbite, Loki–or Okie Dokie Loki Pokey, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. He’s 14 years old and, though he was a rescue, I’m pretty sure he saved me as much as we saved him; he makes my heart smile.

The goofball Boston is Tybault. He is neurotic, hyper, persistent, obstinate, completely ridiculous, and an absolute joy who makes us laugh and laugh; I love him to bits.


Teri Gosselin – Writer & Contributor

7-year old Tucker is the sweetest and laziest yellow lab in all the land! We picked our boy out as our first anniversary gift to each other, and have been loving our boy ever since!! He loves to take naps, bark at plastic bags flying in the wind and snuggle with mommy! He is a good sport with our two human babies and doesn’t mind the loud noise, constant pulling on his tail and being used as a pillow.
Jessica Hancock – Director of Promotions, Writer & Contributor
This is my Penny. The sweetest, most protective girl. She gets all my anxiety and judges people right by my side. The kids are her kids. She tolerates all the ridiculous outfits we put her in and gets really excited when she puts on her winter sweaters. She is extremely talkative and likes to argue. Her favorite words are “walk” and “treat”. She hates people who walk past our house and the raccoon in the backyard. She is the best girl in the world and we could not imagine a life without her.
Happy National Dog Appreciation Day, everyone! Now, who wants a treat?

Emily Parker is a musician, writer, and avid reader who started Bucket List Book Reviews, the ‘1,001 Books to Read Before You Die’ project. For Sweatpants & Coffee, Emily hopes to inspire the reading of the classics by a whole new audience by only reviewing the really good stuff.

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