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Don't Tell Me What To Wear

I don’t know what it is with and their love of shaming. I have seen articles on what we should own, where we should shop, and what makeup we should rock. Recently, an article they published last year started circulating again. The title alone – 24 Things Women Over 30 Should Stop Wearing – had my circle of friends ready to toss tables in the name of hoop earrings and glitter shadow. Who was this “author” and where did she get off telling my age group what was or wasn’t appropriate to wear? What does a 20-something know about 30-somethings (or ANY-somethings) anyhow? Clearly, she thinks that after thirty we shrivel up, lose all sense of style, and should basically not torture the public with our existence.

Over 30 slide

We took the discussion to Sweatpants & Coffee’s discussion group on Facebook. Our beloved Sweatpants Café members, my own friends, and a few of us here on staff have decided the writers at RantChic need a quick education on how wrong their list was. So, let class begin….

The No-Nos

          • Graphic Tees

            These ladies like to express themselves graphically. TOP: Michelle Marqius, Shannon Moore, Kate McDermott, MIDDLE: Katie Seiber, Sara Mooney, Courtni George, BOTTOM: Kate Richards, Ronda Glessner, Auli’i VanBoskerck

            Really? Who doesn’t own at least one graphic tee? When did these become the symbol of what young means?

          • Hoop Earrings

            HOOP, there it is! Left to right: Lindsey Miller, Daliza Wiley, Candice Mills

            Apparently, these are only meant for younger girls – but why? Do my ear lobes offend? Are they wrinkled? Are they too old to be flaunting themselves around with those flashy hoops? I think not.

          • Glitter Eyeshadow, Blue Shadow, or Any SHADOW

            Jessica Dice Shaffer and Sylvia Tramel wear whatever the hell kind of eyeshadow they want.

            You read that right. After thirty we should just toss out our shadows all together. Our old eyes don’t deserve the slightest bit of sparkle or color. Let me tell you one thing I definitely learned in my thirties: I am never going to let anyone dull my sparkle. My sparkle includes my sparkly shadows.

          • Cheap Bras

            Katie's bra was hiding under her graphic tee. In shame.

            Katie’s cheapo bra was hiding under her graphic tee. In shame.

            We love this one: “At your age, your breasts really need more support.” They found us out, mature ladies. It’s no secret that on the day of our 30th birthday, our breasts pack it up and head off to retirement, leaving us with sad sacks of flesh and stretch marks. So, hurry up, ditch the Target bras that have outlasted all those Victoria Secret bras, and start throwing down some serious cash for better support. You wouldn’t want anyone to know your breasts have left you for sunny skies and shuffleboard. How embarrassing!

          • Old Sneakers

            Various over-age sneaker offenders.

            Various over-age sneaker offenders.

            This one left me baffled. I love my old Chucks. I have several friends who rock them in all colors of the rainbow. What exactly should we be wearing? Loafers? Orthopedic shoes? House slippers?

          • Leopard Print Anything

            Jen Violi, Kimberly Burd Henry, and Jennifer Gwinner are clearly animals when it comes to prints.

            Jen Violi, Kimberly Burd Henry, and Jennifer Gwinner are clearly animals when it comes to prints.

            Riiight. Forgot that animal attraction is only meant for young girls and “the club.”

          • Short Dresses

            Kimberly and Katie did not get the short dress memo. Tsk.

            Kimberly and Katie did not get the short dress memo. Tsk.

            DUH! Our sad 30-plus limbs should not be out and about for the world to see. Put those things away!

          • American Eagle Anything

            No example pic, but we have it on good authority that some of our graphic tee offenders were wearing A&E jeans as well. GASP.

            And for serious, I quote: “Can women over 30 even fit into A&E?” Well then, guess I need to return all the goodies I just bought. Someone should really card you while you check out.

          • Oversized Glasses and Sunglasses

            Shady characters: Misty Jackson, Michelle Marquis, Rachel Whetzel, Courtni George

            My hater blockers only have one thing to say to this BS – Haters gonna hate hate hate

Final thoughts:

I have a few words of wisdom to pass along to the staff at Rantchic and any other judgy McJudgersons. You will learn as you get older that the petty crap you surround yourself with now is just that – petty bullshit. You will learn at some point that the key to being a confident, strong and independent woman isn’t about keeping up with the trends or rules someone else has imposed on you. It’s really about something far deeper. It’s about loving yourself, loving your life, and doing what you want. I’m sure someday, you’ll be telling me and my 40-something friends what we can’t wear. We won’t be able to hear you though. We will be too busy enjoying the life we have created for ourselves.

Kathy_I do what I want

Kathy Kitzmiller, 30-something badass.

We invite all of you to take to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share your love for the items on this list. Make sure you use the hashtag #SPCIdowhatIwant so we can find your pictures!

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8 Comments on Don't Tell Me What To Wear

  1. OMG! I am soooo happy that someone FINALLY wrote something about this! I keep seeing these artcles or whatever the hell you want to call them about what we “old ladies” should and shouldn’t wear and it pisses me off! Like yall, I will wear whatever the hell I want! The audacity! We have the right to wear anything that makes us feel good about ourselves and in the grand scheme of things, who cares? I think they just run out of stuff to write about and just start making shit up! I am 46 years old and I wear all of the above and then some! Well, maybe not the hoop earrings but only cause I have LONG hair and it gets tangled in my hair, lol! Love you ladies! Keep on rocking yall’s old asses! Love the fingers btw!!!

  2. The list is utterly ridiculous! Your post is awesome. As someone who will be joining the 30something crew in a few months, I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my outrage at the “you can’t wear ____ after ____” ridiculousness.

  3. Thank you for writing about this! When I first saw that Godawful “article” I was ready to rip that little twit a new one! As a woman in her forties, I have earned the right to wear whatever the hell makes me feel happy, flirty, or just plain fucking awesome! If others don’t like it, they can promptly locate my ass and kiss it! But what bothers me the most is how, as a society, we celebrate those who shame others rather than building each other up. Someday, that little twit that wrote that is going to be a woman in her forties with some young twit shaming her for dressing how she feels and I hope the lesson can finally be learned. It’s your self-confidence, how you treat others and your inner beauty that makes you a strong, vibrant, beautiful woman not the man-made trappings.

  4. YES and Thank You!

  5. I know a couple ladies in their 60s that rock things on this list SO much better than the zit-ridden youth who decry that those fashions are only for them.

  6. I have passed 30 years, twice actually. Back when I was a 20 – something, I spent way too much time worrying about wearing the “right” thing. I learned after age 50, that the “right” thing is whatever I feel like wearing. No rules. And now that I’m retired, COMFORT is my #1 concern. My advice to Ms. 20 – something is this…… You think we’re too old and need your rules? You, young lady, need to learn to respect your elders.

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