“COFFEE MOMS GET SH*T DONE (boomshakalaka)”! Thus proclaims my mug from Mama Java, an independent coffee roaster that sells coffee specially made for moms. And though anyone is welcome to drink their awesome blends, they were designed for “The mom who’s toddler is having a meltdown in Target. The mom who hasn’t gotten a full night’s sleep in 10 years. The mom who didn’t shower today…or yesterday…or the day before that. The mom who has a sink full of dishes, a load of laundry getting moldy in the washing machine, and just got oatmeal all over her work clothes.” In short, busy moms who know that parenting is hard work and you need a little caffeine to get through it.

Kim at Mama Java knows what being that kind of mother is like. “As a mom of 3 young children and working full time, my days were long and hectic,” she says. “12-14 hours of meetings, emails and phone calls mixed in with play dates, homework and soccer left me dead tired. Coffee was a lifeline for me, and after becoming a mom almost 7 years ago I quickly found that it’s the same for most moms out there. I truly love coffee—the beans, the origins, the roasting process…so when I thought about becoming a small business owner, it was pretty clear from the start that it would be a coffee company.

Kim used focus groups while developing Mama Java’s blends to find out what moms wanted—and needed—in their daily brew. “One thing that we realized very early on was that most moms can’t finish their cup of coffee while it’s hot,” she says. “When a coffee sits for a while after being brewed, it tends to have an effect on the taste and turns the coffee more bitter/acidic (especially the darker roasts). Our coffee is developed to avoid that problem, allowing moms the freedom to have a cup sit in the microwave while they chase around a toddler, and still have a good cup of coffee when they finally remember to drink it!”

Good roasts are key to Mama Java’s success, but there’s more to it than that. With names like “Embrace the Chaos”, “Until Wine”, and the decaffeinated “I’m Not Perky” and a fun and sassy attitude on their web site, the moms of Mama Java know another vital component to their business is a good sense of humor. “We brought the humor aspect in because all moms need a good laugh, and as moms ourselves we know how stressful and frustrating it can be at times. We are our own hardest critics, and aside from having enjoyable coffee (even when you forget it!) we want our roasts—and our brand, really—to be a fun, uplifting break.”

The Review

Mama Java sent two blends, the “Covert Dessert” espresso and “The Hustle”, a roast with double the caffeine. I prepared the Covert Dessert in my espresso machine and found the blend rich and satisfying, easily holding its own against the frothed milk I added to make it a cappuccino. I confess I drank it all before it got cold and old, but I did let The Hustle, which I prepared in a simple, Mr. Coffee, automatic drip machine, age to varying levels of coolness, sipping it throughout a full morning. Judging by the rings left on my cup from my added half and half, the brew should have become stale and/or acidic and bitter as the cup emptied, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it didn’t. It maintained a level of taste and quality even when it was hours old. I will definitely be buying more of The Hustle, and I am eager to try more roasts from Mama Java.

To order from Mama Java, visit https://www.mamajavacoffee.com/

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