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Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

By Barbara Doyle

Roses are wonderful, candy delicious, but seriously—what makes Mom break out the waterworks more than something made with her offspring’s own tiny hands? Macaroni necklaces for the win! Here are some easy-to-make crafts sure to make Mom smile.

First up? Fingerprint crafts. Moms love seeing those tiny prints on something other than the furniture!

  1. Fingerprint Heart Poem Keepsake by Messy Little Monster

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  1. Fingerprint Necklace by It’s Always Autumn

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  1. Fingerprint Flower Glass Magnets by Rhythms of Play

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Next up? Paper Mom with these homemade beauty treatments!

  1. Vanilla Lavender Bath Salts by Our Family World

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  1. Cotton Candy Lip Scrub by Bits & Giggles

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Finally, how about some practical (and beautiful) items for Mom to use every day?

  1. Stained Glass Jar by Happy Hooligans

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  1. Jewelry Dishes by Projects with Kids

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  1. Mason Jar Votives by I Heart Arts N Crafts

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  1. Marbled Love Mugs by Mom Spark

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