Smoked brisket is a classic barbecue dish that everyone loves to devour. It is a traditional recipe that is loved by many and is a staple dish to have at any barbecue party. Whether you want to invite some guests over or you are hosting a wedding or anniversary, a smoked brisket is always a great idea to have on the menu.

Are you intimidated with the preparation and cooking up of a brisket? Don’t be. It is the simplest of recipes and is very easy to make. All you have to do is follow these steps and you can create the tastiest and juiciest brisket to serve your guests.


The very initial step of making a brisket is buying one. Make sure that you buy top quality meat. A premium quality brisket will ensure the finest taste of the barbecue. Choose a lump of meat with generous marbling. An 11 to 15 pound trimmed rack of brisket will be ideal for this recipe. Make sure that it has an ample fat lining for getting that juicy meat.

Once you have bought a quality brisket then it is time to give it the right cut. Drag the knife over the meat to form a line. The cuts must be in a manner that separates the fine layer of fat in the middle and even at the top of it.

You will also want to cover the brisket with your favorite BBQ rub. You can buy these at the store, but we recommend making your own, which is fairly easy with a quality blender.


 There are some very particular things about smoking a brisket that you will have to keep an eye on and maintain, one of which is the temperature. The temperature of the brisket has to be watched like a hawk. Make sure that you control the temperature of the smoker between 200 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The outcome of the dish will not be as desired if you fail to control the temperature at this level throughout the cooking process.

Season the meat with your favorite spices and it is all set to be put inside the smoker. Make sure that you let the brisket cook in the smoker until it is completely done and do not remove it before it is evenly cooked through. Patience plays a huge role while barbecuing a brisket. Keep a check on the weather as well and if you see it’s about to rain or if it will be cold outside, adjust accordingly. Use a thermometer to check whether the brisket is cooked through to at least 185 degrees or poke a sharp knife or stick and see if it slides through without any resistance.

Once you are done smoking the brisket, it is time to take it out of the smoker. But hold on a bit – it is not time yet to carve it up.


 This is the final stage of smoking a brisket and probably the very crucial one as well. If you slice the brisket before resting it, all the liquid and juices of the meat will immediately drain out, leaving very dry and chewy meat. Make sure you wrap the brisket up in a foil after you have taken it out of the oven and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. This way the meat will absorb the flavors and hold them intact until you take a bite of it.

All you have to keep in mind is to keep a very keen observation on the temperature of the smoker while the brisket is cooking in it. Also, make sure that you take the quality of meat into consideration as well as this will affect the outcome of the brisket. Now wasn’t that fairly easy, guys?

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