“I LOVE TEQUILA!” I said a little too loudly, perhaps, but my friend had just stated that he never has cared for the taste. We were the only people in an otherwise unoccupied room, so there was no need to shout. I may have startled him, but it’s always important to adequately express your feelings, especially when it comes to alcohol. And besides, what kind of weirdo doesn’t like tequila?

Here are five recipes for you to perfectly demonstrate your love of tequila:

  1. Margarita Cupcakes, by Sweatpants and Coffee.

This is my recipe, so you might say I’m tooting my own horn, but HONK HONK, BABY! These are amazing and you need them in your life.

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  1. Margarita Jello Shots, by Bread Booze Bacon.

For when you want shots but can’t focus enough for actual liquids.

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  1. Queso Fundido al Tequila, by Food and Wine.

Because it’s CHEESE with TEQUILA and why are you just standing there, go make it!

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  1. Fried Tequila, by Lemons for Lulu.

The minute I saw this I ran out and bought an angel food cake to try it.  It totally worked, and I now understand the phrase “drunk on cake.”

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  1. Tropical Tequila Sunrise Pops, by Real Food by Dad.

Dude. It’s hot in summer.  You need something to cool you down and yet still perk you up, and these pops definitely put the YUM in SUMMER (that will seem to make sense after a couple of pops).

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 Kick back and drink up, it’s tequila time!


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