Poor Brussel sprouts. Constantly getting a bad rap as a gross food. Truth is, they are delicious! They’re hearty and sweet. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite recipes for you to give a whirl. You’re missing out on way more than you think!

Fall Brussel Sprouts Salad | Iowa Girl Eats

Crispy shallots, crumbled gorgonzola, and shredded brussels. Shredding up the brussels helps cook them up faster.

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Cheesy Bacon Brussel Sprout Casserole | 12 Tomatoes

This cheesy casserole will be giving the potatoes a run for their money.

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Brussel Sprout Hash with Bacon and Sweet Potatoes | Closet Cooking

A funky twist on an old favorite.

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Cranberry & Pecan Brussel Sprouts | Rachel Schultz

I love this one. Cranberries bring sweet and tart to these little sprouts.

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Spicy Candied Brussel Sprouts | paleOMG

This adds a little spicy to the sweet. And it’s Paleo!

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Honey Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts | Kevin Is Cooking

Balsamic vinegar can make anything taste like heaven. Add a little honey for a crispy treat.

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Rissotto with Bacon and Brussel Sprouts | Savory Nothings

This is more of a parmesan risotto with crispy Brussel topping.

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Brussel Sprout Kimchi | The Gouda Life

OK, this may not be for everyone, BUT I love me some Kimchi.

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Warm Brussel Sprout Slaw | Nom Nom Paleo

An Asian twist on the traditional coleslaw for your family BBQ.

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Buffalo Brussel Sprouts | Delish

Maybe a new favorite alternative to messy buffalo wings? Just maybe…

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