Now that we are full steam into the school year, (Hello September!) for me at least means that I am constantly looking for ways to keep our school lunches interesting.

It probably doesn’t help that after 4-6 weeks of varying sandwich types, my kids start to turn their noses up at me. (hashtag: brats)

I do a good amount of leftover lunches in their thermoses, things like spaghetti, chili, mac n cheese, etc, but when those things aren’t available – I tend to try new ideas out to add to the running list of favorites.

Here are some of my top non-sandwich school lunches:

Pasta salad:

I don’t have a rhyme or reason when making pasta salad. This tends to be a “fridge” ingredient method, where I dig through the fridge to find things that need to be eaten or tossed and figure out how to make a nom-worthy pasta salad out of it.

Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken by Spiced

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We have done things like:

BLT Pasta Salad

BBQ Chicken Pasta Salad

Traditional Antipasto Salad

Typically, you want to use a thermos to transport, unless your kid has a kick-ass lunch bag that actually keeps perishable things cold enough to not make them sick.


Guys, you and I both know that wraps are sandwiches. For whatever reason, when you wrap it – kids lose their minds over them.

Turkey Club Wrap by Cupcake Diaries

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The cool thing that I have found about wraps, is that you can also turn some leftovers into wraps.

Taco Wraps

BBQ Chicken Wraps

Crunchy Granola Apple Butter Wraps 

Other sandwich-less options:

6 Easy Lunch Kabobs for Back to School by Mom on Timeout


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5 Homemade Lunchables by Bento School Lunches

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I highly recommend simply searching Pinterest for ideas if you are in a school lunch slump. It has been my go-to for ideas since I started making lunch for my kids in the house.

 Happy Lunching!



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