It’s National Ice Cream Day!

In honor of this glorious day, we are calling out the most bizarre ice cream flavors, AND a couple of crazy ice cream sundaes.

Raise your hand if you have tried Horseradish Ice Cream? Max & Mina’s ice cream in NY has created over 5,000 one-of-a-kind ice cream flavors, many of them adapted from their grandfather’s original recipes.

When would anyone ever want to eat horseradish ice cream? Apparently, if you’re eating salmon, goat cheese, or mackerel.

On a recent trip to Portland, my cousin insisted that we visit Salt & Straw. She boasted that it was likely the best ice cream in the entire world, and if not the world, at least the best ice cream on the West Coast.

A staple on their menu, is their Pear With Blue Cheese ice cream. Having had an opportunity to taste this flavor myself, I can attest to how the flavor is weirdly amazing in every way.

I found a really interesting kind of ice cream, based out of Juneau, AK. It’s called Eskimo Ice Cream or akutaq. You’ll find  (mostly) normal flavors – the difference? The kind of fat it’s made with. Eskimo Ice Cream is made with Reindeer, Caribou, and sometimes even whale fat.

Would you spend $99 on an ice cream sundae? Apparently people do when they visit Sugar Factory. This $99 dish is called the King Kong Sundae and comes with 24 scoops of ice cream, several syrup flavors, candies, lollypops… and sparklers.

This sundae sounds like an event more than dessert.

Tacos have taken on a new meaning at Sweet Cup in Los Angeles, CA. The creators have put a fun and interesting spin on the vintage Choco Taco, while bringing classic flavors (think strawberry shortcake & s’mores) to the taco table. You will also find crazy menu items, like the ‘Rainbow Road’ for the unicorn lovers. It’s a rainbow flavored taco with sour straws and sprinkles.

Sour straws and sprinkles, y’all.

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If you’re an ice cream lover, maybe celebrate by trying a new flavor?! Or, if you’re like my 10 year old, you’ll celebrate by enjoying a plain ol’ scoop of vanilla.

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