For National Gourmet Coffee Day we decided to give you tips on how to fake it. Using your good ol’ coffee maker and a few little extra’s you’ll be saying “bye bye” to the coffee line and “hello” hot coffee in PJ’s. I’ve set out 5 of my favorite, easy ways to bring my cup to next level coffee. There’s no reason not to treat yo’ self in the morning.


Fine Grind the Coffee

If you don’t have a coffee grinder you should totally get one. You can get on delivered via Amazon for $16, Krups Coffee Grinderand it’ll be a gift to your cup. Grinding your coffee beans a little finer brews a stronger cup. Starting with a good strong brew is best. You can even use an Espresso ground bean straight from the store. You can use fine grind with your K-cup or even buy pods espresso rich.


Milk and Cream Matter

Heating up your milk can make a world of difference. By adding warm milk you’re not bringing down the temperature of the whole cup. Step it up a notch? Buy a milk frother ($6.29 Ikea Milk Frother ) to fluff up that warm milk. Looking for an extra creamy cup? Add a small amount of heavy whipping cream. We’re talking a couple tablespoons. It will be the creamiest cup you’ve ever had.


Choose a Sweetener that Adds to the Flavor

I’m a cream and sugar person myself. So I’ve worked at finding a sweetener that adds a little extra to my cup. It has lead me to Sugar in the Raw ($3.22 for a 2 lb. box). I was skeptical for a while, it was just going to be another sugar that was unbleached pretending to be special. Then I was forced (by having no other choices) to give it a go. It is lighter than brown sugar but more caramel-y then white sugar. Like adding a little butterscotch to your coffee. Delicious.


Invest in a Coffee Sock (Yes, that’s a thing)

If what you love is an ice-cold brew then invest in a coffee sock. All you have to do is add whatever your favorite coffee is to the sock, put it in the fridge, and let it sit overnight in a pitcher. In the morning, VIOLA! Rich, smooth cold brew coffee. Here’s the sock I use and I love it, Coffee Sock Cold Brew Set $19.99 .


Toppings Aren’t Just for Special Occasions

Don’t skimp out on what you love! Add a little cinnamon, buy some caramel JUST for your coffee, get some hazelnut flavor, whatever you want. Nothing says fancy, overpriced coffee like a little bit of whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa. Come on, you know you wanna…

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