Happy Vanilla Ice Cream Day! I think vanilla ice cream often gets a bad rap; it’s often thought of as “plain.” But to us at Sweatpants and Coffee, vanilla ice cream is like a blank canvas just waiting for right splash of color. I put our resident chefs to the test this month in celebration of National Vanilla Ice Cream Day. Their challenge: make something delicious with vanilla ice cream. Please vote for your favorite!

First up – The Dessert Nerd’s Waffle Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, “The best thing about ice cream sandwiches is that you have to eat them fast because they melt, so nobody will look at you funny if you are wolfing this down like it’s your last meal.”

3. TDN Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Batting second, we have Catastrophe Kitchen’s Ice Cream Celebration Cake, “It requires six ingredients and no oven, and I have yet to meet the person who doesn’t love it. Plus, it gets rid of the gross frozen cake part of ice cream cake, and just gives us glorious ice cream, adorned.”

1. CK - Ice Cream Celebration Cake

And pinch hitting for Creative Lifestyles director, Kathy Kitzmiller we have Sweatpants and Coffee’s own webmaster, Emily Parker, with Miz Parker’s Caramel Apple Ice Cream Torte. “I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m a little out of my depth! My first clue was realizing this morning that I owned neither a springform pan, nor a rolling pin. No matter; we shall press on, making it up as we go along! I’m honored to have been allowed to be a part of this (I suspect they humored me.)”



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