Please look at this sky today. There’s no way I’m doing any cooking with pots and pans and heating up the house with an oven or stovetop or any of that nonsense.This is a perfect day, people, and it’s the perfect day to waffle.

The morning begins with a little Rum Chata in my coffee (don’t judge!) and some Winnamon Rolls. My kids and I have decided that it’s imperative when waffling something that you name it that begins with a W if at all possible. Here’s the ingredient list for Winnamon Rolls:


The best investment I’ve made is a waffle iron with removable plates that go in the dishwasher. This guy is getting a little scratched up but he’s a trooper!

So, when you’ve preheated the waffle iron, just place the cinnamon rolls in there and press down lightly on the top of your waffle iron. When they’re cooked, take ‘em out and smear that icing on them. Let it get all melty in the nooks and crannies.

Shut. Up. And it takes like five minutes at the most. You have the rest of the morning to be lazy!

Next up: lunchtime! You could make a grilled cheese sandwich, but your waffle iron is right there, so throw your sammie in that instead. Mine was ham and Muenster cheese. Possibly heavy on the cheese, but day-um that was good. I guess you could call this a Wammie!

This afternoon: more lying around enjoying sunshine!

Oh lordie, it’s now time to feed people dinner. It’s almost every day that these kids of mine want to eat! Thank goodness for Wizza! 

You’ll need a couple of tubes of croissant roll dough plus whatever fixins you like to put in a pizza pocket. My kiddos love pepperoni and cheese, and I have a SUPER SECRET pizza cheese blend that I am going to share with you, in the interest of Wizza greatness. It’s equal parts shredded mozzarella cheese, diced provolone and diced Muenster. I just use a pizza wheel to do the dicing and then throw it all in a bowl and toss it together. Extra cheese can be bagged afterward and used for your next Wizza-related emergency.

Unroll the croissant dough and separate it into four pieces, and pinch the diagonal perforations together so you have four rectangular pieces. Place a small pile of cheese and toppings of your choice on one end and then fold the other end over. Pinch the edges together to keep the cheese from leaking out.

Place dough packets on the waffle iron and press lightly on the top handle to smush them a bit.

Once they’re cooked and removed, cut them in half and serve with marinara sauce.

If you see my dog hanging around, do NOT give her any cheese or pepperoni, no matter how cute she’s trying to look. She’s a moocher and she’ll never leave you alone ever again.

Need a dessert? Your waffle maker has that covered, too. How about cutting some puff pastry into squares, cooking it in your waffle iron and then drizzling some warm Nutella over the top? What should we name this… Wutella Wuffs? Naming things gets tough to keep up with sometimes.

So that’s it, you’ve waffled all day long. Congratulations! You deserve a nice nap.

I do suggest having some fruits and veggies throughout the day so you don’t pass out from carb overload. Or maybe that’s what days like this are made for. 

Cute hamster in hammock enjoying a sweet treat from gifs






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