You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.


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I need you to understand that it is okay to have a soul that is both tender and tired. I need you to understand that it is okay to be gentle with yourself, that is okay to feel what you are feeling. I need you to know that it is okay to not be okay, that it is okay to feel sad even if you do not fully understand it. I need you to know that you are the product of what is both hopeful and haunted within you, and it is okay to exist in this world as someone who is simply figuring out how to balance that. Because this is what they don’t tell you — being a human is a confusing and messy thing. Life will amaze you in the most stunning ways, and it will also break your heart. Life will gift you the kinds of lessons that grow you and build you and help for you to bloom into the person you have always hoped to be, but it will also carry within it the kinds of losses that stay with you, that change you and mould you in uncomfortable ways. Life will demand for you to heal even when it hurts. For you to be brave, for you to fight for yourself. Because at the end of the day, bravery isn’t a battlefield. It isn’t fast cars, or stunted risk. Bravery is the quietest thing you will ever know. Bravery is getting up in the morning when your bones are heavy and your heart does not want the light to crack within it. Bravery is being gentle with yourself, especially when it isn’t convenient or easy, especially when you are not a shining example of the person you strive to be. But most of all, bravery is the way you stretch towards the light. It is the way you bloom in the direction of goodness, even when you may not know what you are reaching for. Bravery is allowing yourself to believe that you are growing, even when it does not feel like it. Bravery is knowing that there is more for you, that you will save yourself like you always have before; that you will survive.

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Morning Notitas ✨

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Imagine you made the intention to meet someone at your home on a certain day/ time and you weren’t home. What would happen. You would miss the meeting correct? Well your home frequency is the same way. If you aren’t energetically home how do you expect those that you have divine appointments with to find you? . One of the biggest energy leaks is attachment to personality distortions. I often speak about releasing the Personality distortion of Wounded Healer (which shows up as “Nice person”, “good person”, “people pleaser”, over-giver, victim, doormat, fixer, savior, martyr). We are learning to let go of attachment to the good person personality type and becoming authentic, so that we can move the way Spirit moves us. That means that despite having the best intentions some people’s feelings may get hurt. Some simply from you saying no or speaking up. And the test will be can be with ok with someone else’s discomfort of your putting your needs first. Can you not energy merge with them and then jump in to fix them. Can you not judge or second guess yourself? . If you are going to end the patterns of people pleasing, you’re going to need to build up your energy field. How often do you experience people feeling entitled to your energy. Then when you say no or take steps to put your own needs first you get resistance and various forms of emotional manipulation or conditional love?Those who are accustomed to being able to take from and manipulate you will challenge your new found freedom. . Doing this work will allow you to help others and be in service for the right reasons. That it’s not from a place of people pleasing, martyrdom or trying to prove you are good. Sometimes self love means saying no to taking on others’ abandonment and enmeshment issues. It’s ok to distance yourself from people cannot fully engage with your kindness in a healthy way. It’s safe to say no and still be kind. Healthy boundaries help you to be who you really are. They aren’t based on judgments. They are neutral and simply articulate your needs. They help you chose attunement to your own truth rather than being a people pleaser. -Reprogramming 2.0(link to attend class in bio)

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