You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.


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imagine this

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This is what I call a Lightworker effect. Rise above the darkness, shine the light to others and pass this light by being an example✨ . I am here to change how people think of being sensitive, introverted, empathic and caring. . Instead of hating the fact that you care so much, why not to celebrate it?!? . It is my mission to inspire you to shine your truth brightly! . Yes, you are sensitive, but that means you CARE! . And the world needs MORE caring people. . It’s not the time to wait! . It’s time to shine brighter than ever before! . And only by accepting our sensitive side we can do it. . Pass it on, friends. . Tag a friend, and share in your stories. Xx . . . . . . . #love #light #create #inspire #feelings #selfcare #selflove #lightworker #janelightworker #qotd #quotestoliveby #energy #healer #awakener #spiritualawakening #soul #spirit #thirdeye #chakra #yoga #empath #empathsbelike #qotd #faith #acim #freedom #writer

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One last giant thank you all around from me, Courtney @selfcarecreature, for showing me so much support and love during my takeover today! {{just a reminder I’m not the account owner ☺️}} • • This beautiful quote and illustration is so fitting, please remember there is nothing wrong with you sweet friend, you just need to come home to yourself! Use these three simple steps over and over and over again: • • 1. Find what works for YOU. 2. Make it a practice (in as little as 30 seconds a day) 3. Keep coming back. Doesn’t matter how much you slip up or how long you stray, keep coming back. 🙏🏽💕 • • The link to my free Shift Your Sh*t guide is in the stories right now and all of these routine / self-care / self-compassion tips will be available in the highlights soon! Much love to you all!!! 💗🥰🎉 (🎨by: @jodie.doodles) #selflovemonth

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((Energy Currency)) “What are your spending your energy on? You’d never let someone put their hand in your bank account so why do you allow people to steal your energy? I want to use my energy, in a way, like it’s currency. And I want to be so particular about what I spend my energy on, that I’m not going let leaks happen with stuff that I don’t care about” . — that time I was speaking about my work on the Friend Zone Podcast . Think of your energy as currency. When you care less about focusing your energy on the things you are against, you have more energy to spend on creating what you do want. You give your power to certain energies both by focusing on them OR trying to ignoring it. Both are a form of energy currency. The answer is awareness. Be aware. Do not ignore unwanted (negative) energies but also do not try push against or fear them. Hatred of negativity does not diminish negativity, it adds to it. . Another place we often have energy leaks is through comparison and competition(more subtle parts of the “enemy patterning). There is no competition or lack on the spiritual plane. What is ours is given as written in the divine plan. It simply requires claiming our destiny. . Some people recommend watching your peers to see what other people are creating. I feel the opposite. I intentionally stay unaware about what other creators are doing so that my visionary stream of inspiration is pure, organic and always leading edge. . Find your niche. Don’t worry about trying to fit into others boxes or to have appeal to the mainstream. There are people who need the exact acts of service that you can specifically provide. My niche is offering insight as a healers healer. What I share is specifically to mentor to archetypes of the healer, wayshower, extra sensory, oracle, medium and channeler. To model self care as a care giver myself.. . Everything I create, classes, retreats, workshops, my apothecary and my healing center are all created specifically for highly sensitive people. As a highly sensitive who has mastered being a sensitive in an insensitive world, I turned my calling into a career.. There is no competition when I’m being myself

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