You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.


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When I talk about opening the heart, what exactly do we do? Well, one thing you do is acknowledge that you feel closed. That’s the first thing. You don’t make believe you’re open hearted, which most people do much of the time, when they are actually a little more aloof than they’re feeling themselves to be. They always feel a little hypocritical. First thing is to acknowledge what you’re feeling. I’ll tell you there are numerous practices for doing this, and you have to find one that’s comfortable for you. For example, I work a lot with my breath, and I breathe in and out of my heart, and when I’m breathing out in my heart, I allow whatever love I can muster for anything to be offered to people, to beings around me, and when I’m breathing in, I’m taking the existence of the universe into myself. I keep feeling this breath going back and forth and the breathing out is, ‘may all beings be free of suffering, may all beings be peaceful, may all beings be happy.’ I’m just saying to myself that no matter how hard-hearted or closed hearted I am, I am going to use my energies to the extent that my mind and my heart can do it for the benefit of others. I’m gonna wish them well, and I start out very uptight, you know, so I start out and then I watch. – Ram Dass 🖼 @jessejohnsoncoaching #changinglenses

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Whatever we can’t embrace with love imprisons us… #RadicalAcceptance #TrueRefuge

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Emily here, reposting from my new @emilyonlife account for personal writing: Like… acting is a JOB. That people get paid for. Because it’s hard.⚡️Many (most?) of us learn as children that it’s not safe to be who we really are, for a variety of reasons. And then those beliefs get reinforced and fears get bigger and we become more entrenched in the identities we create in order to cope and fit in. And then, sometimes, comes the realization that you’re living someone else’s life. At least, that’s what happened for me. This whole idea of Embodying Your True Self can sound like UGH SO MUCH PRESSURE?, but in my experience, it’s so much less heavy than the weight of the constant, low-key pretending. If I’m gonna act, at the very least, I want free craft service snacks out of the deal. 🌈Art is now with COLOR OPTIONS on original post if you wanna share! #emilyonlife

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“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet / confinement of your aloneness / to learn / anything or anyone / that does not bring you alive / is too small for you.” . David Whyte is a poet and philosopher who believes in the power of a “beautiful question” amid the drama of work as well as the drama of life — amid the ways the two overlap, whether we want them to or not. He shared a deep friendship with the late Irish philosopher John O’Donohue. They were, David Whyte says, like “two bookends.” More recently, he’s written about the consolation, nourishment, and underlying meaning of everyday words. . 👂🏻Link in bio – . #onbeing #poet #poetsofinstagram #davidwhyte #poetry #darkness #sweet #alone #learning #alive #philosopher #beautifulquestions #beauty #friendship #wisdom #quotes #nourishment #meaning #words #instagood #instadaily

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